Whatsapp Support

Developers regularly release messenger updates, taking into account previous malfunctions and user complaints. To report problems in the application, you should contact Vatsap support.


Main reasons for contacting support

The messenger technical support should be contacted if the issues have not been resolved after reading the FAQ section.

Typical malfunctions in which users contact customer support are related to:

  • Exchange of media files, voice messages. Data does not arrive or is transmitted distorted.
  • Making audio and video calls, especially in group chats. Inability to reach, absence or low sound level.
  • Deleting and restoring messages. Problems with working with messages, timeframes for carrying out these actions.
  • Creation and design of group chats. Inability to add or exclude user, possible administrator rights.
  • Blacklisting.
  • Using WatsApp Business.
  • Work with backup data. Backup failures or missing data.

What is a FAQ

FAQ is the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which allows you to cope with most difficulties yourself. It contains information about the functionality of the messenger, about working with the profile, contacts, chats and how to fix problems. Before you start using the application, it is also recommended that you study this section..

Frequently Asked Questions Section.

To get acquainted with the FAQ in detail, go to the “Help” section in the “Settings”, and then select the “FAQ”; A page opens in the browser with a list of topics of “frequently asked questions”:

  • number is temporarily blocked;
  • Download and installation
  • the confirmation;
  • account and profile;
  • chats
  • contacts;
  • audio and video calls;
  • security and privacy;
  • status;
  • troubleshooting.

Only if the FAQ did not help in solving the problem, you should use one of the feedback methods with the messenger specialists.

How to contact WhatsApp support

Via email

There are two ways to complain about the work of the messenger using email:

  • You must use the browser on your PC or smartphone to go to the official WhatsApp website. In the menu or at the bottom of the page you need to click on the link “Get in touch” (“Contacts”). Next, in the list of reasons for contacting the technical support of the application that opens, select “WhatsApp Messenger Support”. For users of each type of device will be offered a separate email address (Android, iPhone, PC, etc.).
  • You can contact support directly by sending an email to support@whatsapp.com.

When sending an email, you must specify your data: name and phone number to which the WhatsApp account is associated, as well as describe in detail the problem and, if possible, attach a screenshot.

Via smartphone

In some countries there is no WhatsApp office, a hotline telephone is also missing; the company is located in the USA in California, and it is not possible to contact support via cellular communications. However, you can send a complaint to tech support through the app for free..

You need to sequentially go to the sections: “Settings”, “Help”, “Write to us.” A page will open in the messenger where you will be asked to describe the problem (required) and add screenshots (optional).

Specialists do not disregard the complaint and respond as they work: from an hour to a day. To get an exact answer, you should indicate your contact information: phone number to which the account is registered, and email (optional).