Why Whatsapp does not show contact photo

WhatsApp messenger meets all the requirements for modern social networks. In it, users can not only specify a phone number, but also post personal data and photos. Despite this, some ask why the contact photo is not visible in Vatsap..

We place the photo in the WhatsApp messenger.

Why you can’t view the contact photo

Reasons why the photo of the interlocutor may not be displayed:

  • he set the privacy settings so that others could not view his pictures;
  • the user is blocked;
  • his avatar is not loaded;
  • A person hasn’t added their friends numbers to the contact list or added some to the black list;
  • there were problems opening access to Vatsap to newly registered subscribers.

It’s better to contact your friend through private messages or in another way and find out if he has a photo, if all his friends are added to the “My Contacts” section and if his account is blocked .

If a person does not want to show their pictures and hid them using the settings, nothing can be done. In other cases, you can advise him to apply for an unlock or add a contact list.

What is privacy

Privacy is a setting with which users can hide some information about themselves. If a person has set these restrictions on his profile, everyone will see only his number or name.

With their help, you can do the following:

  • hide profile photo from all users;
  • do not show reports on reading a text message and the time of your last visit to the application.

It should be remembered about some features of the messenger:

  • hiding the time of his last visit will not be able to see when others entered the application;
  • having disabled reports on reading the text of the message will not receive information about reading his letters by friends;
  • in group chats, read reports are always visible;
  • a subscriber who does not want others to know about reading messages will be able to see the status of friends without their knowledge;
  • developers did not provide the ability to hide the status of “online” and “prints”.

How to set up on Android

WhatsApp privacy is automatically configured:

  • read reports, photos and personal data, as well as the time of the last visit to a new subscriber, everyone can see;
  • User status updates can only his contacts.

To change the settings, go to the messenger menu and select “Settings”. Then click on the line “Account”, and after “Privacy”. In the window that opens, you can select the parameters as you wish. Settings can only be changed if you have Internet access. By the way, whatsapp compresses the photo and its quality deteriorates because of this.

Setting a limit in your settings.

How to set up for iPhone

The default settings on the iPhone are set in the same way as on Android. You can change them in WhatsApp by following these steps: Settings > Account > Confidentiality. In the form that opens, you can configure access not only to the photo, but also to information about reading text messages and the last visit to the messenger. In order for the photo to disappear, it is important to save the selected settings.

How to view contact photo

If the contact has been blocked, its data will not be available until unlocked. The likelihood that the user will return to the application is small, so it is better to remove it from the contact list. In the case of voluntary removal, it remains to wait for a friend to reactivate his profile. Sometimes because of this, whatsapp does not display contact names.

WhatsApp user avatars cannot be viewed if they don’t want to. You can ask him in a personal message to change the privacy settings or add to the contact list. It is possible that he deleted your number by mistake.

If you have been blacklisted, you can register in the application using a new SIM card or a friend’s account by entering the person’s number in the phone book.