How to register in WhatsApp

There are several ways to create an account in instant messengers for free. So, in the Vatsap program, registration can be done through a smartphone or PC, using different applications. You can also create a profile in Vatsap through social networks.

You can sign up for Whatsapp using your smartphone or computer..

Instructions for registering in Vatsap on a smartphone

For direct registration to Votsap via phone (it can be an iPhone, iPad or a smartphone with the Android operating system), you will need to perform several actions:

  • Download Whatsapp installation files to the device’s memory (you can safely do this in the Appstore, Play Market or on trusted sites in the browser).
  • Launch the application and click on the “Accept and continue” button (a user agreement will be offered).
  • Enter your phone number in a special box.
  • Click “Next” and “OK” to confirm the entered data..
  • Open SMS with a code and enter the code in the field on the screen.
  • Write down your name and add a profile photo (you can skip the second action if necessary), then finally confirm the registration.

Now the registration of the profile is completed – the messenger is ready for use as intended.

Computer authorization

If the Vatsap account has already been opened, you can access it using a computer or laptop, if they are connected to the Internet.

There is an online version of Whatsapp for PC. To use it, you need to go to the webwhatsapp website. The page will contain a QR code.

To enter your account you need to perform several steps:

  • Go to the Votsap application on your smartphone (tablet).
  • Open the menu (to do this, click on the three dots in the upper right).
  • Select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Point the phone’s camera to the QR code displayed on the site.

This is how the QR code looks on the site.

The application will automatically scan the code, and after that, the account will be logged in from the computer automatically.

Registration for 2 SIM-card

WhatsApp messenger can be installed on the phone once. But if the smartphone has 2 working SIM cards and Votsap is needed on both, it is possible to download it again using a third-party application.

How to do it in stages:

  • Install the Parallel Space program on the smartphone.
  • In it, allow access to the Votsap application in the list that appears.
  • Install the messenger on the second SIM card (some characters, design and name may differ from the original).

To use this method, it is necessary that a second working SIM card is installed in the smartphone. You cannot install Votsap a second time by binding it to the same phone number.

How to register in Votsap on a computer through an emulator

If using a smartphone is inconvenient or not possible, you can register in Vatsap on a computer or laptop. However, the capabilities of the PC application are limited. Therefore, for optimal use of Votsap on a computer, you need to install programs that allow you to work with mobile applications on a PC. Such programs are called “emulators.” Popular, for example, the Nox App Player emulator.

To register in Votsap through a computer you will need:

  • Download Nox App Player on PC.
  • Run the program, go to the “store” (for example, Play Market) and install WhatsApp.
  • In Votsap, click “Registration”, write down the phone number to which you want to bind the profile, get the code in SMS and confirm it on your PC.

Now you can use the messenger on your computer.

Join Whatsapp without a phone number

If the user does not have the opportunity to bind an account in Votsap to a mobile phone number, it is worth using registration methods that do not require this.

Via the Textnow app

The first way is that registration does not occur directly, but through the TextNow application.

What to do:

TextNow app can be downloaded from Play Market.

  • Install the TextNow program (it is in the Play Market for android and AppStore for iPhone, you can also download it on a PC).
  • Open TextNow and remember (it is better to write out) your number, which the application will give.
  • Download Vatsapp and open it, agree to the terms of the user agreement.
  • Enter the number issued from TextNow, wait for SMS verification.
  • After SMS is verified, a screen will prompt you to call the number. You should click on the “Call” button, answer the call and write out (remember) the control code that will be called during the call.
  • Write the resulting code in the window in Vatsap, then complete the application installation.

The account in the messenger will be active due to the number that the TextNow program will issue.

Via landline number

The second way to register WhatsApp without using a mobile number is suitable for those who have a landline phone. To register, the phone must be accessible and active..

Instructions for registration via landline phone:

  • Install WhatsApp on a smartphone (tablet), laptop or computer, open it.
  • In the window where you should enter a phone number, write down the city number, choose your country.
  • Wait for SMS verification.
  • If the test fails, use the Call button and wait for the call to the landline.
  • Remember the code named during the call, write it in a special field in the messenger application.
  • Finish installing the application (write your name, confirm completion).

You can sign up for WhatsApp from a landline.

After completing these steps, you will be able to use the profile associated with the landline number.

Is it possible to register in Whatsapp via social networks

Many applications have the function of creating an account through social networks. However, registration in Watsap in this way is not possible.

The fact is that Votsap is not quite a social network. This is a messenger that works exclusively with the binding of a phone number to it. Because of this, you can’t “log in” with it through social networks: with such registration, you do not need a phone number, and to use the messenger it is required.

Whatsapp bulk auto-registration and robotic application registration

For some purposes (for example, sending messages or making automatic calls), users require additional accounts. To create them use registration using third-party applications.

Bots are almost indistinguishable from live users. They are convenient because special applications give them random names and avatars (if necessary). Thanks to the use of such programs for distribution, the user does not need to create each account himself.

Programs for auto-registration of robots and creating mailings include:

  • Websender Pro: can send about 5000 SMS from one profile to WhatsApp. It will be useful to entrepreneurs (for example, for sending out promotions and offers from stores, etc.).
  • WhatsApp Business: also suitable for those who do business; carries out distribution of messages, pictures, videos, etc..

Downloading other programs for newsletters and auto-registration can be done in application stores (Play Market, AppStore and others).

How to use without registration

It is impossible to use Votsap without registration: for calls and sending messages in this messenger you always need an account tied to a phone number.