WhatsApp vulnerable: Facebook developers find a bug

Facebook executives have reported an unpleasant find. This is a WhatsApp vulnerability that hackers can use to crack a utility. Now the company’s experts are working to create additional protection.


Worth being alert

According to the stated information, a malicious video was uploaded to the WhatsApp messenger. When opening or downloading an audiovisual file on a smartphone, the tablet gets virus codes. With their help, hackers will gain access to the device and, accordingly, to all the information inside.

“Users of the messenger can receive files of the MP4 format as a mailing list. Ordinary, at first glance, the video is infected with a new type of virus. Getting into the device, the code does not seem to give itself outwardly. Even the best antivirus programs cannot detect a dangerous object, Facebook developers say. – When connected to the Internet, the code is activated by contacting the domain server. Then the information is transmitted ”.

Mostly scammers are interested in access to bank cards, accounts, payment systems. Multi-platform virus – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Videos are sent both in the regular version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business.


The Facebook programmers who worked on WhatsApp have already released an application update with enhanced protection. To get advanced functionality, you must install the messenger.

Download from Play Market, App Store, Windows Market or the official website is free. It is strictly forbidden to download the application from other sources.

After the update, the utility will “pull up” the user account on its own. No additional registration required.

If for some reason it’s not possible to install Vatsap now, experts advise not to open and download unknown files of the MP4 format.


Important: if the virus got to the device, reset the factory settings. However, in this case, all programs, materials, information will disappear from the smartphone, tablet.

WhatsApp constantly cares about customer safety. Recognizing the danger is a big step that could scare users away. However, as shown by user statistics, this did not happen. Soon, they promise to find and remove the viral video from the system..