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Welcome to our specialized website dedicated exclusively to the Whatsapp messenger. Here we will upload the latest working versions of programs for all types of devices. We will tell you in articles how to solve non-standard issues. We give step-by-step installation instructions. Let’s talk about the hidden features of the program. We show original ideas when congratulating friends, relatives and many relatives.

In general, our main task is to convey in a simple understandable language all the positive aspects when installing and working in Whatsapp. The header will contain several sections in which you can find answers to your questions. The articles will reveal the main essence and several solutions. Here is a list of them:

  • all news about whatsapp
  • proper installation on all devices
  • download installation working versions
  • tricks and life hacks
  • collection of various greetings, cards, etc..
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

What is Whatsapp?

Watsapp is a messenger where people can instantly communicate with each other. It has its own encrypted channel, which protects against unauthorized access from the outside. Thus, all your correspondence will be safe. Most often it is used on IOS and Android mobile phones. Next, on PCs and tablets. Every year it becomes more popular.

You can easily chat with him and it’s free. Also, people actively began to use the possibilities of audio recording. Sometimes it’s much easier to send a dictated record to someone you’re talking to. This significantly reduces the time. Especially when driving. Create private interest chats by inviting your friends there. All correspondence will be visible to each participant. This is useful when you have some kind of joint event and preparations are underway for it. In general, you understand me 🙂

What you need to connect?

You need to install a sim card on your phone. Install a working version of Whatsapp. Enter the phone number and name. Next, you will receive a verification code and you need to register it in the field. That’s basically it. Go to your contacts phonebook and select the person to write to. To connect, you must have the Internet. You can use mobile Internet or wireless WIFI. All detailed recommendations will be indicated in special articles..

It is not recommended to use Watsapp in advertising mailings, as the administration really does not like spammers and therefore can completely block your account. To unlock, you have to go through a long recovery procedure. It’s easier to connect a new phone number.