What video format does Whatsapp support

WhatsApp messenger allows you to exchange different types of media files. To understand why there are problems with sending, you need to determine which video format supports Whatsap.

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What video format does the Whatsapp messenger support

WhatsApp, developed for Android and iOS, supports the most common MP4 video files created using H264 or MPEG4 video codecs. Sound in this case is AAC encoded. The size of the objects does not exceed 16 Mb.

Videos of other formats, such as FLV and AVI, are added to documents as documents. In this case, the file transfer is carried out without changing the quality. Video clips created using HEVC and VP9 video codecs may also be supported on some mobile devices..

What video format supports WhatsApp Web

The web version of the WhatsApp messenger supports the same types of videos as the application for Android and iOS. The difference is in the maximum size of the transmitted clip. This figure for a web messenger is 64 MB. If the clip is larger, then it cannot be trimmed in the browser due to the lack of the corresponding function. Keep in mind that some browsers do not support sending video with sound in AMR format..

How to fix an unsupported format issue

If an error or incompatibility message appears when you try to send a video file through Watsup, you can change the format. To do this, use the converter application or online converter. To change the video format on the computer, the Format Factory application or the Online Video Converter service is suitable. When using this software, the following parameters are selected in the conversion settings:

  • container – MP4;
  • video codec – H264;
  • frame height for short clips – 360 or 480;
  • the same attribute for long videos – 240;
  • sound format – AAC.

Online Video Converter service for changing video format.

Format Factory uses the FFmpeg encoder. The video files he created are fully compatible with WhatsApp. This messenger may not recognize files created by some non-standard codecs, for example, in the Windows Live Movie Maker application. This program creates MP4 clips using a different compressor, which is why an error message appears when you try to send it. To solve this problem, the file created in a non-standard program must be transcoded using Format Factory or Online Video Converter.

The procedure for resolving a problem with an unsupported format on a mobile device depends on the application you are using. If VidCompact is used for the Android operating system, then in the main window you need to click on the conversion button and select the file on the smartphone’s drive or memory card that needs to be converted for compatibility with WhatsApp. Then select the appropriate resolution from the list..

The application will also allow you to crop the clip if it has a longer duration so that the size does not exceed 16 MB. To start the conversion, click the button located in the upper right corner of the application. The video can be immediately sent to the messenger or saved in the device’s memory for delayed transfer.

IPhone users can use the iConv app for the same purpose..

Another way to fix the issue with unsupported videos on WhatsApp is to upload the clip to file sharing, cloud storage or the Google Photos service for Android users. After that, a public link to the video is created, which must be sent via the mobile messenger or web client. The advantage of this method is the ability to bypass the restriction on the size and format of the video.