How to send files from WhatsApp to mail

There are situations in which you want to send photos and other objects to virtual mail. Send reports on negotiations, documents, important photos and video files so that you can send information to print, edit text or image. To do this, you need to know how to send an e-mail from Vatsap.


How to send from WhatsApp to email

You can send a letter, image or music track to the mailbox Outlook, Mail, Yandex. The sending principle resembles the operation of the “Share” function. There are simpler ways to copy and save text fragments..

Photo, audio or document

The documents received at Votsap can be saved on the phone. After that, open the email in the browser, select the “Write Email” command and attach the files. You can also export objects by e-mail, including sending a gif. To do this, perform the following steps.

  • Launch the application. In the conversation list, select the chat from which attachments will be sent.
  • Click on the file to be sent and hold until the menu appears. In new versions of “Vatsap” there is a “Share” button, depicted in the form of two combined balls. In obsolete versions of the application, you can only export everything with inclusion, i.e. Chat is sent completely. To do this, enter the menu, select the “More” section and launch the “Export Conversation” function.
  • In the window that opens, select the method of sending “Electronic mailbox”. If there is no such option, then the desired application is missing.
  • Set the size of the image to send. You can zoom out a few percent.
  • Go to writing a letter. In the appropriate field enter the email address of the recipient. Click the “Submit” button.

When using this method, all messages and attachments are sent. In the process of writing letters, unnecessary fragments can be deleted.

Message, chat, chat

There are 2 ways to send chats. In the first case, use the standard phone features:

  • Open the application “Vatsap”. Find a list of chats and select the conversation you want. You can take a screenshot of the message or copy it. To do this, use the appropriate keyboard shortcuts. You can remember the text and type it in the field.
  • Go to work with e-mail. Here they insert text or attach a file, then enter the recipient’s data and click the “Send” button.

You can forward the conversation to mail. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Vatsap. Go to the “Chats” section and select the desired dialogue..
  • Text notifications are sent without attachments. Without highlighting individual messages, go to the menu. Press the “More” key and launch the “Export” function.
  • Specify the sending method. If the “Email” item does not appear, you need to install an additional application.
  • They write a letter. Enter the address of the recipient and edit the data sent, leaving only the necessary messages that have a text format. Then send a letter.

How to send from email to “WhatsApp”

Messages or images from e-mail are delivered in several ways, which are selected depending on the type of data sent. Very often people send videos from instagram to whatsapp.

Picture, music or video

There are 2 ways to send songs and other media files:

  • Through cloud storage. The email menu has an option to save to the cloud. After its activation, open the store, find the necessary objects and sequentially select them by touching. In the upper right corner click the “Share” button. In the list that opens, select the conversation “Vatsap”. Click on the airplane icon.
  • Using the capabilities of a smartphone. Objects are stored in the phone’s memory, open the file manager and select the necessary objects. To send several files, you need to press the “Share” button at the top of the screen and check the boxes next to the necessary items. Start sending by selecting “WhatsApp”. In the contact list find the recipient and click on the image of the airplane.

Message or chat

To send text documents, open a browser and go to an electronic mail box. In the list of letters find the object to be forwarded and copy the text. You can also take a screenshot or enter the information again. In the main menu, choose the sending method – “Vatsap”. In the tab “Chats” find the desired contact. In the typing field, paste the copied text or attach a screenshot. Then click the “Submit” button.