Why in WhatsApp video is truncated when sending

When communicating in instant messengers, users often send images and video files. Sometimes the recipient does not see the information in full. In this case, questions arise why Vatsap cuts the video, is it possible to send a long video so that it is fully displayed.


WhatsApp video cropped: reasons

Cropping is not the result of the next application update. It was originally conceived, so trying to get around the system will be futile.

The main goals of this addition are to reduce the consumption of Internet traffic, optimize the operation of programs and a mobile gadget. According to the instructions on the official website, when sending media files, you must follow these recommendations:

  • Subject to video size of no more than 16 MB. The rest will be cropped automatically.
  • The duration of the video should be no more than 3 minutes. The length depends on the type of recorder..

How to send a long video

There are 3 ways to send long video files in private or group chat.

We crop the video ourselves

To send a voluminous file, you need to use the capabilities of the messenger and enable the cropping option. Work with the roller is as follows:

  • Launch Vatsap application on the phone or computer. Open a chat with an interesting person.
  • At the bottom of the page, they find the media send key. Select the desired file from the gallery. At the top of the window is a crop line. The cropped part is indicated by yellow lines..
  • The stripes move along the ruler, marking the desired part of the roller.
  • Send the file by clicking the appropriate button.
  • Repeat for the next part of the media file..

Send a movie without dividing it into several segments using this method will not work. You can transfer parts of files from Android and iPhone phones. If the user does not want to split the video, he will have to choose other methods.

Submit a long video.

Compression software

Using special programs allows you to compress the movie without compromising quality and send it to Vatsap without any problems..

There are several services that are installed for free, such as Video Compressor, Any Video Converter, MediaCoder. To send a long video, do the following:

  • Download the desired program from the App Store or Play Market. Launch the application, use the special button to select a movie, start the compression process.
  • The messenger is opened, the media file is added to the message in the standard way. No difficulties will arise, the video will load automatically. After that, click on the send key.

Send link

The method helps to share long videos uploaded to third-party services. To send, perform the following steps:

  • Open a page in a social network or video hosting. Through the search bar find the desired file.
  • Press the copy link key. Its location depends on the structure of the site..
  • Go to Vatsap. They find a chat with the right person, and in the field that opens, enter the copied link. Click the submit button.

The same method can be used to send media files stored in the smartphone’s memory. The selected video is uploaded to the cloud storage, for example, Dropbox or Yandex.Disk. To do this, perform actions such as:

  • Download cloud storage from the application catalog. If necessary, go through a simple registration, entering the basic data.
  • Enter the phone’s gallery, click on the desired video. The video tools will appear at the top of the window. Next, open the “Parameters” section.
  • Transfer video to the cloud. Copy the link. The clip must be widely available.

After completing all the actions, launch the Whatsapp application, enter the chat. A link is inserted into the text input line. Click the “Submit” button.