How to make a link to Instagram on WhatsApp

There are 2 ways to make a link to “WhatsApp” on Instagram. The first is to manually enter the data manually into the account profile. Another option is to create personalization using a special service, adding several links leading to different resources and connecting chat bots.

Link to WhatsApp on Instagram.

What is it for

An active link to WhatsApp on Instagram allows potential customers to switch to a dialogue with the company manager in 1 click. This is much simpler and faster than adding a number to your contact list yourself..

Marketing analysis shows that this feature improves account conversion. It’s more convenient for many people to communicate this way, rather than through Direct.

For small organizations or online stores operating without their own website, it is advisable to place a link for WhatsApp instead of a link to an external resource. And large players offering a large number of communication channels are advised to create a block with links for all used instant messengers and social networks in special services.

Add link

The link leading to the WhatsApp dialog can be added to your profile information. In this case, both full and shortened addresses are used..

Where to get it on WhatsApp

WhatsApp functionality does not provide for link generation. Therefore, you must dial it manually. The code that gives you the opportunity to get from Instagram to Vatsap in 1 click has the following form:

  • indication of the HTTP extension;
  • phone number taking into account the international code, but without the “+” symbol.

Where to post it on Instagram

You can place a link in the Instagram profile header in 5 steps:

  • open the application;
  • go from the feed to your page;
  • click on the “edit profile” button, located under the information on the number of posts and subscribers;
  • insert the code specified in the previous section, instead of a link to the site;
  • save changes.

Link placement on Instagram.

How to add a message

A short message explaining that the address indicated in the header leads to a dialogue in WhatsApp can be placed in the “About Me” section. It is filled according to the above scheme through editing the profile.

It is possible to configure a direct link that will not only open the chat in the application, but also insert a pre-prepared template into the conversation. To do this, add “? Text = text” to the code after the phone number. Instead of the word “text” enter the desired sample message.

How to shorten the link

You can shorten any Internet address using special services. The most sought after of resources offering a similar opportunity, Google. In order to use it, you need:

  • go to the page for creating short links;
  • paste the code into the proposed field;
  • check the box next to “I’m not a robot”;
  • click the Shorten URL button.

Another example of a service that works on a similar basis is WhatcApp..

How to add a link using special services

The Instagram functionality allows you to specify only 1 external resource in the profile information. This limitation is critical for large companies interested in actively converting account traffic to sales..

For those who are ready to provide their customers with the opportunity to place an order through different communication channels, third-party services have been created. Their key advantage is the ability to share multiple links on a profile. No less popular are resources that allow you to connect bots for chat.


The links created using this service on click do not open the browser page, but the application of the social network or messenger that was selected by the user. Additionally, this resource allows you to create a system for receiving online payments..

The basic feature set is free. In order to be able to link several links leading to different communication channels to your account and track the conversion statistics for each of them separately, you need to purchase the PRO package.

Get chat

The competitive advantage of this resource is the ability to create a bot that can send a response to a simple request. The cost of a package designed to work with similar tasks. A more advanced version focused on complex actions and collecting leads. When paying for the year, a 20% discount is provided. The ability to create a multi-link block for WhatsApp is in the free version.

Whatsapp me

The service allows you to attach a WhatsApp link to your Instagram profile and create a transition menu in an individual style: insert a logo, background, etc. You can also insert auto-messages. The service works without a monthly fee. The cost of the service is paid once.