How to recover deleted photos from vatsap

To return media files that have disappeared from the messenger, you need to know how to recover deleted photos in Vatsap. To do this, you first need to find out the cause of the failure.

Recovery in Watsap.

If the primary storage has been changed or the SD card has been replaced

Creating WhatsApp (some people call it “Vatsap”), the developers provided for the possibility of malfunctions. Therefore, the program had a function of storing information.

All data is automatically transferred to virtual storage or written to a memory card. If the cloud or SD card is being transformed or replaced, users have to recover lost files.

The procedure is quite simple..

When moving or replacing a previous drive containing stored information, you can return lost photos, videos and other media files by performing the following operations:

  • information is copied to the clipboard;
  • data is uploaded to the updated storage.

This method is used if the Vatsap file array is not stored in the internal memory of a mobile device, but on virtual or card drives.

Step-by-Step Recovery.

If the card has been formatted

If there is a problem with the functionality of the SD card, performance is restored after formatting. During the procedure, the stored files are deleted permanently. You can view the lost images by restoring the contents of the flash drive. For this, special Recovery programs are used..


  • First you need to open the Google Play Market on a stationary device. Among software products, you need to find and download Hetman Partition Recovery.
  • The smartphone is connected to the computer. An alternative is to directly connect the SD card through the input for a card reader.
  • After the utility detects the presence of a mobile device, the scanner starts.
  • At the final stage, a folder with Votsap files stored on a flash card is opened in the program interface. It remains to mark the necessary pictures and send for recovery.

Using Recovery applications, users can view pictures deleted from the memory card on the phone when formatting.

Recovery from backup

When installing software, the owner of the WhatsApp profile is invited to activate the option to create a backup duplicate of information. Copying takes place automatically. By default, the procedure runs every night..

If desired by the user of the communication application, the frequency can be changed. To do this, in the settings of the messenger the necessary parameters are set. Copies are entered in the special Backup directory located in the program folder of the program.

Instructions for recovering deleted images on devices with the Android operating system include the following steps:

  • In the chat settings, the “Backup” function is activated. Here you can configure the frequency of creating duplicates.
  • After that, the last saved data becomes available for recovery..

Photos, videos and other multimedia files from backup are stored in storage on a memory card or Google Drive. You can free up the missing storage space by removing unused applications.

Auto Copy.

Instructions for restoring photos in Vatsap after deletion

In the messenger, it is possible to recover documents, images, videos, etc., accidentally deleted by user’s oversight. Alternative reasons for the loss of personal account data are program malfunctions or a malfunction of a mobile device. The way to return lost data depends on the smartphone operating system..


The device, which runs on the Android platform, first connects to the computer. The USB connection cable will need to be debugged first. For this, a special option is provided in the phone settings. Debugging depends on platform version.

Instructions after connecting to a PC:

  • in the proposed list, you need to specify the type of files that you plan to resume;
  • waiting for the scan to finish, select the images to be restored;
  • by pressing the corresponding button, activate the photo recovery function.

To save the contents of a personal account, programmers advise connecting a backup in the settings of the messenger. Recovering deleted media files from virtual storage is much easier.


For iPhone users with iOS, images accidentally deleted from the Vatsap profile can be restored in several ways..

The simplest of them consists of the following steps:

  • Log in to iCloud. To do this, you will need to enter registration data consisting of an identifier and a password.
  • Uninstall and re-download WhatsApp. Launch the application.
  • Activate profile. A code is sent to the phone number to confirm.
  • Accept the terms of use of the messenger.
  • Click on the button “Restore chat history”.

The method is used exclusively if there is a backup of the file array. In other situations, special programs are used..

Restore chat history.

Using Dr Fone for iOS

If the standard methods did not help to return deleted photos to WhatsApp, it is suggested to use the paid Dr. Fone The utility allows you to recover lost information on phones platform iOS.


  • install the program on a PC;
  • using a USB cable to connect a smartphone to a computer;
  • wait for device recognition;
  • activate the scan function;
  • mark the necessary photos;
  • send files for recovery.

The application functionality includes the ability to extract backups from virtual storages.

Install the program on the computer.

How to prevent the loss of a photo or video

To prevent the irretrievable loss of information from the Vatsap personal profile, you can use one of the following methods:

  • In the settings of the messenger, connect the backup option. Saved data is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Only the account owner can retrieve a file from the drive.
  • An alternative is to upload photos and videos to a memory card. Programmers advise to periodically transfer media files to a computer to free up space on the SD media.

Preventive measures will allow users of Android, iPhone or Windows Phone not to lose access to photos and videos.

Transfer data to another device

When changing a mobile device, it becomes necessary to transfer data to a new phone.

This can be done in two ways:

  • swapping the SD card from the previous one to the smartphone used;
  • application of backup service.

In the second case, you will first need to install the messenger. After starting, you must agree with the program’s offer to restore information from the cloud storage of your personal account. The option is available to authorized users who have logged into their profile using a verification code sent to the phone.