How to find and join a group in WhatsApp

Group chats have long replaced the usual live chat. Users unite in communities of interest, creating Vatsap groups for communication and exchange of information.

How to find a group on Whatsapp

Finding a group on Whatsapp is easiest through a search engine.

All users of the social network have the opportunity to organize a conversation on any topic. You can create both public and family chat. Maximum number of participants – 256 people.

The application allows you to independently choose any chat for communication and apply for joining it. Group chats are most conveniently found through a search engine. But there are other ways that allow you to find the right community and become a member of it..

By phone number

The easiest way. Administrators often provide their phone numbers in thematic public places, on forums, channels or sites in order to promote their group.

To add, click “+” and enter the number.

To join the group, the user must add an administrator to the list of his contacts, submit a request and wait until a decision is made regarding joining the group. Tracking permission is done through the Chats tab. To add a phone you need to do the following:

  • Activate whatsapp.
  • Go to the “Contacts” tab.
  • Click on the “+”.
  • In the field for dialing numbers, enter the user number.

To save actions, click Finish or Save..

By name

If the user has many contacts and knows the name of the conversation, you can find it like this:

  • Go to Whatsapp.
  • Go to the Chats tab and find the magnifying glass image at the top of the screen.
  • In the text box next to the magnifying glass, type the name you want.
  • View options offered by the system. Not only communities will be displayed, but also individual users.
  • Select chats and add a person to a group in whatsapp

You can simply scroll through the names that appear in the window. This method is suitable for searching chats that the user has created himself, in which he is now or has participated previously. To search for new communities, you need to use any search engine, for example Google.

Interest Catalogs

Group chats on the Internet are collected in thematic directories. The following categories are most popular: dating, humor, work, creativity, etc. In another they are also called whatsapp channels. The catalog of groups can be found on the Internet or on alternative sites. Many administrators run ads on them for their resources. There are special interest chats where they post information about similar projects.

To join the group, you need to fill out an invitation form or add by the administrator’s phone number, which is indicated in the group description.

How to join a group

In order for a user to enter without an invitation to the Whatsapp community, he will need a link that was previously used by his acquaintance or friend, now an active member. When you click on this link, the addition occurs automatically. A message will be sent to the user in the messenger that he has become a member of the group. Its name will appear in the Chats tab. Subscription will be activated. This is the best way to join a popular community, as administrator approval is not required..

Any user of the application can create a group chat according to their interests. The topics of discussion are diverse. To participate in the discussions you need to join them. To do this, you can choose one of the methods. To create a group, we wrote a separate article.

Via telephone

To join the chat, where a conversation is being held on a topic of interest to a user, you can use your phone or computer.

To add using a smartphone, proceed as follows:

  • Find the administrator number (on the Internet, ask friends).
  • Write this contact to your phone to find it later on Whatsapp.
  • Send a chat request by private message.
  • Wait until the moderator decides to add to the community.

There are restrictions on joining chats. For example, a child with a Votsap account is unlikely to be able to access an adult group. His application will be rejected by the administrator.

Via the web version

To join a group on a computer, do the following:

  • Go to the social network through the Web version and look for links that can be added to the chat, or ask friends to send a link to the invitation to the group.
  • Go along the proposed path.
  • Wait for the system to verify the prompt.
  • Click “Join”.

How to return to a group if you previously left it

Admission to and exit from Watsap groups is free. If a user accidentally leaves the community, then returning to it is easy. You will need to contact the admin again and send a request for addition. You can also enter the dialogue in which the first invitation was sent and repeat the procedure for joining the chat using the link.

How to invite to a group

Only an administrator can invite to a group.

Only administrators can add new members to the community.

To invite a participant to the group, click on the screen in the upper right corner of the button, indicated by three dots. In the drop-down menu, find the item that contains information about the group. When scrolling, the message “Add Member” will appear. From the list of contacts that appears, you can select any participant.

The same actions are performed for an invitation by link, but after selecting the “Add Member” option, click the “Invite by Link” button. A new window will open with a link to the chat. It can be sent via Whatsapp or copied and sent as a message on social networks or via SMS. After receiving the link, the user who has Whatsapp installed clicks on it and becomes a full member of the community with the right to participate in a general conversation, exchange video and audio files, as well as other information.

How to add a member to a group

The option is available for smartphones with the Android platform, as well as iOS. Find the button marked with three dots on the screen and go to the “Group Info”. In the list that appears, select “Participants”. The administrator opens a field that allows you to type a name in it. You can select any name from the contact list on the phone.