How to print correspondence from Whatsapp

Saved WhatsApp correspondence can be printed to a printer using only a mobile phone. To do this, you need special tools for the smartphone, which are freely available. There are several options for how to print a document on a printer from Vatsap, depending on the desired file format and the equipment you have..

How to save a file from Vatsap

You can print the dialogue from Vatsap in text format and as a photo. The second option involves creating a screenshot. It is also suitable for printing photos from the dialogue. The first way, transferring correspondence for printing, will be most optimal when you only need text. The printed dialog will not contain unnecessary chat elements, which will save paint.

To get a .txt file for printing, you need to carry out some manipulations in the messenger dialogs. It is necessary to take into account that when the file is saved from Vatsap, the participation of the application ends. All further actions for printing will be carried out using programs on the phone and computer. Direct printing from Vatsap is not provided.

To save a photo from the application, you need to go to the settings and select “Data”. The types of files that need to be transferred to the phone are checked in the menu. After that, all photos will be transferred to the smartphone in the gallery. Already from the phone’s memory, you can send photos to a printing device or transfer them to a PC and print from a computer.

To save text messages in “Votsap” you need to go to the “Chats” menu item, select the desired correspondence, click on “Menu”, then “More” and select “Export Chat”. In this case, the option of saving with or without media files will be offered. You need to choose the appropriate method and send the story to the mail. After that, the message file will be sent to e-mail in .txt format. To print it is downloaded to a computer or phone.

Saving Files.

How to set up your phone to print to a printer

To print a dialog directly from the phone, you need to configure the device and download a special utility. Keep in mind that the phone may not support some formats for printing, but it doesn’t hurt to send the file and print it.

To print from a smartphone, you need to connect a virtual printer. For Android, the best option is Google Cloud Print; for iPhone, AirPrint.

Google Cloud Print for Android

For Android devices, the use of the official Google Cloud Print service is provided.

For the program to work correctly, the following conditions must be met:

  • installed “Virtual Printer”, which can be downloaded from the Google store;
  • The printing device supports cloud printing;
  • have a personal Google account.

First you need to connect your printing device to Google Cloud Print. This can be done directly through a router or using USB.

With Wi-Fi support, Wi-Fi Protected Setup is launched on the router. You need to open the settings and select the “Wireless Network” tab. Then click on WPS and move the slider to “ON” near the item “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.

If the wireless connection is not supported, do the following:

  • Go to PC system settings, go to “Printers”.
  • Open Chrome browser, enter chrome: // devices in the search bar.
  • In the menu “General Printers” click “Add”.
  • Select the desired device and click “Add Printer” again.

Now the device is connected to the cloud and you can run the application on the phone. In the settings, select “Print” and turn on the function “Virtual Printer”.

Google Cloud Print Service.

AirPrint for iPhone

Before you start working with AirPrint, you need to check whether the printing device supports this application. For proper operation, it is important that the printer and the phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to print using AirPrint:

  • Open the application and go to the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three stripes.
  • Click on “Print”, then “Select Printer”.
  • Set parameters (number of pages, numbering, etc.).
  • Click “Print”.

Wireless connection

Wi-Fi Direct allows printing from a mobile device without a wired connection. The smartphone and printer communicate directly. The phone should detect the printer and send the necessary files to it for printing.

There are conditions under which this option will work correctly. The printer needs to be compatible with the latest version of the wireless printing application and be freely detectable via Wi-Fi.

Wireless Printing Applications

The most popular for wireless printing is the convenient PrintHand application. The principle of operation is simple – the printer supports wireless Wi-Fi and the phone too, so they can be connected.

The application runs on different platforms, including Android, iPhone and Windows. Allows you to connect the device in several ways, using a wired and wireless connection. To work with PrintHand you only need to download it to your device. No additional drivers required.

Instructions for working with the program:

  • Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi
  • Run the application, select “Add Printer”.
  • Click on “Wi-Fi Printers”, then – “Manually”.
  • In the field “Printer Name” enter any name, “Protocol” – “RAW”, “IP” – the address of the router, “Port” – “9100”, after filling click “OK”.
  • In the list that appears, select the desired device by name.
  • Click “Print Test Page”.

PrintHand is a paid application. After downloading for free, you can print only one test page..


When for some reason the printing device is not detected via Wi-Fi or does not support wireless connection, you can use printing by connecting to a computer or phone via USB. This additional feature is provided by the PrintHand application..

This method differs from the previous one in that you need to connect the printer and device via USB. After the connection, the same steps are taken to print the files.