How to hide contact in WhatsApp

The messenger will allow users to configure privacy settings on their own, including such as hiding the number in Vatsap. To do this, go to the application settings and edit the “Privacy”.

It is possible to use the messenger both by indicating your own number and hiding it.

What are hidden contacts and how hiding will help

Vatsap provides functions for the protection of personal data, but cannot independently hide numbers from outsiders.

Users will have to configure this option themselves. To do this, there is a concealment of contact information.

Such numbers are not displayed in the messenger. The function allows you to cancel their automatic transfer from smartphone to Votsap.

How on WhatsApp to hide a number from everyone

It is impossible to hide your mobile phone number from the application without using third-party utilities. It will take a lot of time, from finding the right program to creating another number and uploading it to your personal page. About these secrets of Vatsap we will tell below.

If you need to hide your friend’s contact information, you will need to launch the messenger and enter your personal account.

Next, follow the instructions..


Go to the “Contacts” section and find the subsection with the same name. At the top of the application, open the menu and click “Settings”. Select options to change.

It is necessary to switch to the “Privacy” mode. Here you select personal profile data that should be hidden. The user must select “My Contacts”. Here you can easily make contact names not displayed in vatsap.

You can hide the number in the “Privacy” section.


In the messenger on the iPhone also go to the “Settings” option. She is in the form of a gear..

After that, follow the instructions:

  • click on the line “Account”;
  • open “Confidentiality”;
  • determine the visibility of other people’s contact details.

How to display hidden contacts

The function was available until February last year. Therefore, if the old version is installed, then you can use the instructions.

On Android

The user must enter the “Contacts” subsection. You can use the option described above.

Find the item “All contacts”. This should be checked. To turn off the display of all numbers, you need to remove the selection from the item. Press the “OK” button to confirm the action, and save the setting.

The display of contacts is configured in the corresponding menu.

On iphone

IOS users will have to do the same. You need to find the desired section and uncheck the item.

Then you need to restart Vatsap. Settings and contact list will be updated..

The application will not remain contact details that were previously hidden. Also, numbers from some categories of the phone book will not be synchronized and added.

How to hide unused contacts

The rooms in Vatsap are displayed as a general list, which is an inconvenient option if the user does not communicate with everyone. In this case, some are removed. The process will vary depending on the version of the application..

In the old version of the messenger

In order to hide the contact in WhatsApp, the user can use the options described above. Here you need to uncheck the item “All …”.

In the new version

In the updated version of the messenger you can’t see the usual list where numbers are displayed.

Communication takes place in chat rooms. You have to mask the correspondence with an unnecessary person.

Instructions for iPhone owners:

  • Open the “Menu” and go to the “Chats” section.
  • Swipe pen on left side.
  • In the additional menu, select “Archive”.

Android users should go to the “Chat” tab and hold it until the “Menu” appears. The archive button that you need to activate will appear on top.