WhatsApp paid or not

Since September last year, all users of the WhatsApp application received a message from the newsletter one or more times that the messenger would be available only for a fee. Messages that “Vatsap” paid from a certain date, affected hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

In the message from the newsletter, it was proposed to perform several simple steps to continue using the free version. It’s worth sorting out this issue to understand whether additional actions need to be taken or is this another trick in the spam mailing that you don’t need to pay attention to.

Is WhatsApp True to Be Paid

Messages about the need to pay “Vatsap” is a hoax. You should consider useful tips on how to identify future scams on the network:

  • Any application developer can independently determine how active you are. Data about your location, history of correspondence, time spent on the network – the messenger has every right to collect all this data. Therefore, you do not need to prove your activity to anyone.
  • Developers themselves must notify users of what changes are planned in their applications. If the message comes from the owners of the messenger, it is highlighted in a different color and placed above other chats. In the event that you are sent to him by friends or an unfamiliar number, you should be wary and not take hasty actions.
  • “Vatsap” cannot and will never be paid. And it doesn’t matter if you have an Android OS or iPhone, phone or computer. Otherwise, he will lose the competition with his many free counterparts, such as Telegram, Signal, Viber, and even Skype..

Free “WhatsApp”

The purpose of creating the application was to help people establish communication and ensure comfortable uninterrupted communication. Easy-to-use messenger provides stickers, emoticons, the ability to make video and audio calls, record voice messages, send files of various formats, and all this for free.

Now the number of users of the WhatsApp application has about 500 thousand people. According to its owners, and they are the creators of Facebook, “Vatsap” will not be paid until this number grows to at least 3-4 million.

While the application will be free, and if in the future sending messages will require expenses, then only for large commercial organizations, not private users.

Countries in which the messenger is popular.

Messenger popularity

Globally, Whatsapp entered the top three messengers in terms of popularity, followed by Facebook and Viber. A study in more than 200 countries found that WhatsApp is used in 110 of them, i.e., 55%.

So will WhatsApp be paid

Messages that WhatsApp will be paid, you need to trust no more than April Fools ’draw. Even if you have any problems using the application, they have nothing to do with paid account activation. Since its inception 6 years ago, the messenger’s leadership decided to make it free, and no matter what scammers sent, as of 2019 the situation has not changed.

Pay attention also to the facts that the name of the company owner is incorrectly indicated in the sent letter. The Facebook office is located in America. The name of the social network itself is also spelled incorrectly – WhatUp.

This is not the application you use. It should also be confusing that the concept of “changes will take effect in the morning” is not true. Vatsapp users live in different time zones, and their morning will come at different times.

Who and why invented that Vatsap will be paid

The virus distribution trick was launched by those people who are trying to reboot the system so that it crashes. In this case, the attackers rely on the leak of personal data that they can obtain. Therefore, it is not recommended to register accounts with large amounts on banking applications. If a virus message came to you from one of your friends, it’s best to share truthful information with him in order to stop the scam.