What is chat export on Whatsapp

WhatsApp backup helps restore information when reinstalling the application or replacing the phone. The messenger allows you to configure automatic creation of copies or refuse it. There is a choice of how to connect to the Internet for copying.

Export Chat to Whatsapp.

What is message backup

This term means the creation of additional files containing correspondence, images or media files sent in Vatsap chats.

Where can I save

To export information, use the internal memory of the smartphone or “cloud” storage.

Local storage

Messages or media files received in Vatsap are stored in the root folder of the application. To view them, open the Databases folder. If an external drive is not installed, you can find the desired object through the main menu of the phone. Here, select the “Explorer” section, the item “Built-in memory”. If the media is installed, its contents are viewed in the SDcard section..

Virtual storage

The type of virtual storage is selected in accordance with the operating system on the basis of which the mobile gadget works. You can find backups through the settings section. On Android, it is called Google Drive, on iPhone – iCloud Drive. In the list of applications, select “Whatsapp”.

How to backup

The process of creating copies of conversations in WhatsApp includes the following steps:

  • launching the application, opening the menu section;
  • selection of the “Settings” tab;
  • Go to the “Chats” item;
  • use of the “Backup” function;
  • selection of a method for performing an action, a place to import files.

The copying process begins, the boot bar is displayed on the screen. After the procedure is completed, a corresponding notification appears containing information about the time the copies were created. Videos are backed up separately. To do this, go to the control menu. Check the box next to “Download video”.

Copy of whatsapp messaging.

On Android

Backups on the Android OS are stored in Google Drive. This requires the formation of an account in the system and its binding to the messenger. Before you start copying to local storage, make sure that you have free memory. After that, the frequency of the procedure is set. To do this, use the “Backup” tab of the Vatsap program, select an account or folder.

On iphone

Data is also stored in the phone or virtual storage. To move messages to the “cloud”, the service is connected to Vatsap, then iCloud is selected in the smartphone’s settings and the Drive function is turned on. After opening the messenger in the chat settings, press the “Copy” key.

On pc

You can save the correspondence in the Vatsap Web service by copying and sending it by e-mail.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • Open the service. Enter the settings mode, find the “Chats” section.
  • Open the “Chat History” item. The system offers 4 options, from which choose “Forward by email”.
  • Send a message following the prompts that appear in each window.

How to delete a backup

To delete the copied objects from the local storage, they find the WhatsApp folder (using Explorer). Long tapping the screen selects the Databases object. In the context menu, select the “Delete” option. To eliminate information from the “cloud” storage, select the program management section, find “Vatsap” in the drop-down list. Opposite the name of the program is the “Actions” key, containing a single item – “Delete”. Activating this item deletes all copies. In the settings section, you can disable the function.

How to restore a backup

After reinstalling the application or accidentally deleting correspondence, you can return the dialogs from the repository.

For android

Before restoring chats, they check to which account Vatsap is attached. After that, the previously used number is entered, the authorization code is dialed. Further, the application offers to restore conversations from the “cloud” storage by clicking on the “OK” button.

For iPhone

An iPhone user can use the Drive control. To restore the information, after entering the phone number, the prompts that appear on the screen are followed..

Possible problems and solutions

Copying is often accompanied by errors due to lack of free space or traffic, poor quality Internet connection, and the termination of synchronization with virtual storage. During the procedure, the messenger may “freeze”, which will prevent the saving of files. In this case, restart the smartphone, re-establish the Internet connection. If an error occurs due to the inability to create a copy, it is worth checking the rest of the traffic. If it is not enough, exit the paused application, connect Wi-Fi.