How to change WhatsApp messenger number

Sometimes there is a need to change account information in the messenger. You need to know how to change the Vatsap number and what consequences this action has..

WhatsApp Number Replacement

Transferring the application to a new phone implies some changes to the settings. There is no need to worry about the safety of information, you can continue to use the old account. In this case, a visual profile change will occur, the old version will be deleted after copying the data. The updated number will need to be reported to the interlocutors in advance.

Instructions: how to change the number in Vatsap

The general algorithm of actions for changing your own contact includes the following actions:

  • installation of the purchased SIM-card in the phone;
  • launch of the “Vacap” application;
  • checking the correctness of the previously entered data, the quality of the Internet connection (find out whether calls and short messages are normally received);
  • making changes to the settings (in the “Account” section you can change the number).

After completing all the actions, a form opens that serves to change information. New data is entered on the bottom line. Confirm the correctness of the given information by pressing the “Finish” key. After that, you can use all the functions of the messenger. Contacts and chats will be saved, no need to create a new profile.


The procedure for changing Votsap settings is the same for most phone models. However, there are nuances associated with the type of operating system. In Android, the old number becomes inaccessible to the interlocutors immediately, therefore, they are notified in advance of changes. To transfer an account, do the following:

  • Open the messenger. Go to the “Settings” section, find the “Account” tab. In other operating systems, this item is called “Account”.
  • Find the “Change number” section. A standard form will open with two fields that fill in successively. In the first, the old data is entered, in the second – new. Confirm the action by pressing the “Finish” button..

Before changing the information in the profile, they send a message with an updated contact to friends.

Whatsapp android.


A recent iPhone user may not know how to change a lost or unnecessary number in Vatsap. The procedure does not have any significant features. It is performed as follows:

  • Run the program. Find the settings section. Here you need to select “Account”.
  • In the tab “Change number” open the standard form. In the first field enter the current contact, in the second – a new one. To confirm the action, click the “Finish” button..

After completing the procedure, check the safety of the list of interlocutors. Before starting work, they back up chats, media files, inform friends about data changes. All images and messages are retained, but caution will not be out of place.

Will my contacts see the change of number

The function of secret change of information is supported by the application automatically. If the user wants to notify friends, he will have to do this manually using the “Notify Contacts” option. To do this, select the appropriate section in the menu, set the circle of friends who will receive system messages. You can notify everyone or select only the right people. Unmarked friends will not be able to find out about changes.

Whatsapp chats.

How to change account in Vatsap without deleting the old one

Such a method exists, however, it can be realized only when using a phone with two SIM cards. Have to constantly switch between numbers. To duplicate Vatsap, you need to install a special program Parallel Space, developed for mobile phones based on Android. Copying the messenger is as follows:

  • Download and open the Parallel Space software product. In the list of offered applications, select “Vatsap”.
  • Start copying. The second WhatsApp icon appears on the smartphone’s main screen. With it, open a previously formed copy.
  • Passing registration. In the appropriate fields enter the name, nickname, phone number.

If the procedure is performed correctly, it becomes possible to use two different accounts.