Group Privacy: WhatsApp Innovations

In 2019, group communication became the norm. Such correspondence unites colleagues, relatives, friends. However, greater convenience has led to an increased risk of information loss..

When there are several interlocutors, there is no guarantee of protection. The loss of a communication device, the installation of a virus code, the invitation of the “wrong person” and other factors affect the loss of privacy. To fix vulnerabilities, WhatsApp developers have expanded the utility interface.

Enhanced protection

WhatsApp team has improved the functionality of group chats. Now, an invitation to such correspondence will be sent for approval to the administrator (the person who created the chat). This will avoid the admission of unnecessary people to the group, more effectively control the participants.

The user can also choose who is allowed to add him to group chats.

Team Activation

Initially, you need to update the messenger to the latest version. To do this:

  • Open Play Market, App Store, the official website of developers.
  • Enter utility name.
  • Tap the Refresh button.
  • Wait two minutes for the installation to complete..

Then activate the enhanced protection command. For this:

  • Open whatsapp.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Visit the “Account” section, then – “Account”.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • In the “Groups” section, specify the parameter:
    – “all” – without restrictions;
    – “my contacts” – only people included in your phone book;
    ““ My contacts, except … ”are your friends, with the exception of some individuals. Specify the latter in a pop-up window.

Important: by disabling settings, the user can still receive invitations. The group administrator must send it in an individual chat.

Possible problems

Due to some failures, it is not always possible to activate a command. The problems include:


  • Outdated utility update. To fix – install the messenger.
  • Lack of internet connection. To fix the problem, restart the router or turn on the flight mode on your smartphone, tablet for a couple of seconds.
  • Service functioning problems.
  • Data Transfer Error.

Important: in the last two cases, only programmers can fix the problems.

WhatsApp cares about users, monthly improving the interface and functionality. At the same time, the messenger remains free, except for some business promotion teams. To maximize the benefits of the utility, do not forget to update the program codes. With a stable Internet connection, the installation process takes two minutes. The application automatically “tightens” the accounts of registered users, so authentication is not required.