Why can’t I call WhatsApp

Factors leading to the fact that calls on WhatsApp on the iPhone or on Android do not go through are external, related to the quality of the Internet, and internal, provoked by the gadget used. In addition, outgoing calls may not reach due to the fact that the subscriber has been blocked by the recipient.

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WhatsApp calls do not work

The reasons that voice and video calls at Vatsap do not work are the following factors:

  • An outdated version of the messenger is installed;
  • the user’s phone is too primitive and does not support these functions.

In these cases, there are two ways to fix the problem: update the application to the latest release or change the gadget.

Failed to make a call.

The messenger will display the message “Call failed” in the following situations:

  • lack of network;
  • the access point is configured incorrectly;
  • the application does not have permission to use the Internet and it is blocked by a firewall;
  • user is in a country where WhatsApp is prohibited.

To fix the problem, make sure the network is available. If there is a connection, but you cannot make a call, you need to check the settings and try to make a call by connecting to the Internet through another source.

If it is not possible to find and eliminate the factor that led to the failure, there is a high probability that this situation is caused by malfunctions of the second subscriber. It either cannot accept calls due to the reasons described in the first section, or is unavailable due to network problems.

You can make sure that this is so by contacting another person. If this was possible, then call the first subscriber later. If it is impossible to establish a connection with one of the contacts all the time, this indicates that he blocked the number from which they are trying to reach him.

To refute or confirm this assumption, write a text message and see the date of the last use of the messenger by this person or ask another person to check the connection with this subscriber.

You must update the application to the latest version.

Call reset

One of the malfunctions that a WhatsApp user may encounter is the automatic interruption of a conversation by the application. This situation may occur due to 3 reasons:

  • unstable network connection;
  • battery saver mode activated;
  • another device is connected via Bluetooth to the gadget through which the dialogue is conducted.

The connection will break, even if any of these factors is valid for only one interlocutor. If such a situation arises, you should try:

  • Connect to another network
  • switch the energy saving mode from the maximum level to the average or completely disable it;
  • disable bluetooth.

Incoming call not heard

If the “Vatsap” subscriber does not hear the incoming call signal and learns about it by the message about the missed call, the following situations are likely:

  • On the gadget, the power saving mode is turned on, so it automatically disconnects from the network when switching to standby mode and locking the screen.
  • In the application settings, the silent mode is activated. It can be set for all calls as well as for a single contact..

You can solve this problem by deactivating the mode that caused it. Energy saving is disabled through the gadget settings. To set an audio signal for WhatsApp calls, you need:

  • open the application;
  • go to the “More” menu, indicated by 3 dots;
  • open “Settings” and go to “Notifications”;
  • find the “Calls” section at the very bottom of the menu that appears and change the “Ringtone” parameter.

If you can not hear the incoming signal from only one subscriber, you need to go to the dialogue with this contact and through the “More” menu, cancel the “Silent” mode.

You must cancel the silent mode.

There is no sound during a call

If the connection was established during a WhatsApp call, but one of the subscribers is not heard, this may be due to the fact that the audio signal transmission device on its side is used by another application or it is disconnected.

You can verify this by checking the icon for the crossed-out microphone. If it is active, click on it. If this does not help, it is recommended that you restart the phone.