How to find out what your WhatsApp is reading

The user-friendly interface, synchronization with the contact list and the small size of mobile Internet traffic are the advantages due to which the WhatsApp messenger is popular as a means of personal and business communication. But at the same time there are risks of hacking and information leakage. How do I know if strangers are reading my correspondence at Vatsap – this is a question often asked by users who want to keep their data confidential..

In the phone settings you can see the devices connected to your account.

How can hack your “WhatsApp”

There are 2 methods by which an account is hacked:

  • hacker attack that exploits vulnerabilities in WhatsApp program code;
  • entering phone settings without the owner’s knowledge and further creating remote access to correspondence.

A feature of the messenger is end-to-end encryption technology. Messages are sent to the server already in encoded form and are decrypted only on the recipient’s device. The developers claim that this transfer method guarantees data security and minimizes the risks of hacking.

But back in April 2016, a vulnerability was found in the application that allowed changing the encryption key without the knowledge of the phone owner. This flaw makes it possible to commit hacker hacks through a key change and subsequent interception of messages during delivery. Facebook’s owner of the messenger, represented by director Mark Zuckerberg, said that such a vulnerability was deliberately created at the request of special services to facilitate the fight against terrorism.

In January 2019, a new version of the application with weak encryption was released. Bottom line – personal data protection has deteriorated, and changing the key remotely is now easier. Users reacted by actively switching to Telegram as an alternative application with a more reliable cipher.

However, the most common hacking method is through seizing the phone without the knowledge of the owner. For example, a jealous husband had a desire to read the correspondence of his second half.

The operation is easily performed if the device is unlocked:

  • An attacker silently logs into the application.
  • Click on three dots and select the WhatsApp web tab.
  • Selects a QR code.
  • Goes from the computer to the messenger site and scans the code.
  • All WhatsApp correspondence appears on the screen and falls into the wrong hands.

It is enough for the cracker to pick up the device only once and scan the QR code. After that, an outsider has access to your correspondence and remotely monitors all new messages..

Through WhatsApp web, attackers can gain access to your correspondence.

How to protect your WhatsApp account from unauthorized reading

The first thing to do in this situation is to check the phone. The WhatsApp web tab in the application settings reflects connections from other devices, if any, the operating system, browser and login time are displayed. You need to select the output option from all devices.

Two-step verification and lock screen

So that strangers can no longer enter the phone, you need to lock the screen – by fingerprint, using a password or pattern. After that, you can do security in WhatsApp options..

In the settings of the messenger you need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Account” tab.
  • Select two-step verification.
  • Set activation PIN – now the application will require it every time you confirm your phone number.

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

In some cases, a complete reinstallation of the application is recommended. Before starting, it makes sense to backup the archive with messages – after installation it can be downloaded back to the device.

In order to avoid repeated hacks, you should regularly check the messenger menu. If you turn on the display of notifications on the Security tab, it will notify you of a change in the encryption code in case of hacking.

It is also necessary to prescribe a ban on installing applications from unknown sources and in no case open suspicious links in messages, especially from unfamiliar numbers.

Hacking requires a complete reinstallation of the application.

How to find out if a message has been read on WhatsApp

By default, the messenger settings contain notification of the recipient about message delivery:

  • sent letter is marked with one gray tick;
  • delivered – in two;
  • the text read by the interlocutor already shines with two blue icons.

In some cases, the scheme does not work – more often this happens when a connection is poor or a person is blacklisted.

How to hide that you read the message

Some users find it difficult to understand how correspondence can be seen, but formally keep it unread for privacy reasons. The answer is simple – just go to the applications section, select WhatsApp and allow notifications to be displayed on top of the lock screen.

In this case, the pop-up messages are visible, but remain unread until they are opened in the application itself. If the screen is unlocked, then the text of the letter can be seen in the notifications, but according to the same scheme, leave unviewed in the messenger.

How to make a message unread in Votsap

You can solve the problem differently and simply remove the alerts completely. In this case, it is impossible to control the delivery and reading of letters. To do this, the user selects the “Account” tab in the settings, where in the privacy options disables reports on reading messages. But there is an important exception – the scheme does not work for group chats.