Whatsapp for Nokia – step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing

The phone models of the Finnish manufacturer are quite diverse. Some work on the proprietary Nokia OS, which was specifically designed for the brand. Others, the newest, have an Android version. Accordingly, the methods of downloading the messenger are different. In the article, we consider the most popular Nokia, on which you can install WhatsApp.

What versions of Whatsapp work on Nokia phones

For smartphones on the Android 9 Pie platform – 6.1 Plus, 8.1, 7 Plus, etc., the latest versions of the popular messenger are available. Nokia 6.1, other models that were running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat, also allow you to download a modern version of the program.

The application works on mobile versions with Windows Phone 7 and 8, which are the base OS for Nokia Lumia 520, 610, 630 dual, 710, 720, other lumiya smartphones. But the messenger intends to stop supporting these platforms. As well as mobile with Symbian OS – nokia 205, 206 dual sim, 5228, 5230, 6700.

The program for 216, Symbian Belle 700, model 3310 of 2017 release is not supported. However, Whatsapp for Symbian is possible on multiple devices.

Whatsapp for Nokia.

Personally for the Nokia 8110 4G, which runs on KaiOS and is not a smart background, the WhatsApp team released a messenger option.

The version of Vatsap for this phone supports voice calls with end-to-end encryption, sending messages, photos, videos, creating voice messages, but does not have the function of video calls.

Requirements and characteristics of WhatsApp for Nokia

On the official website of the program, the criteria for the OS of Finnish phones are indicated:

  • Android devices with OS 2.3.3 or later.
  • Lumia must have Windows Phone 8.1 or later installed.
  • The messenger does not intend to update versions for Windows Phone in the future, now WhatsApp may not be available for download from the Microsoft Store – the official Windows market.

Step-by-step instruction

The ways to install Vatsap on Nokia are different, they depend on the phone model. What resources to use to download the program to install Whatsapp on Nokia, we will consider further.

Where to download whatsapp

For Nokia 6.1 Plus, 8.1, 7 Plus smartphones of the Android platform – from the Play Market store, which is installed on the device by default.

For models 201, 205, 206, 208, as well as 210, 305, 306, 308, 310, 311, 501, 502, 230, Microsoft stopped supporting the OS. However, there is such a recommendation for downloading the whatsapp application for nokia s40: you should open a browser search engine and enter www.whatsapp.com/s40/.

For Nokia 8110 4G on KaiOS, select the Store market icon using the joystick key to move around the screen and navigate further.

How to download the application

If you want to download Whatsapp for Nokia Android:

  • Open Google Play or Play Store on your phone’s home screen.
  • Enter the name of the application in the search engine.
  • The WhatsApp icon and the “Download” button will appear, on which you need to click / “Install” / “Open”.
  • Next, an item about the terms of use and privacy policy will pop up. Click Accept and Continue. The program will request access to contacts and sending notifications. Choose “Allow” or “Deny”.
  • Then enter the phone number to which you download the messenger. Click Next. The application will send SMS with a 6-digit code. Enter it.
  • If you used the program earlier, you will be prompted to restore the message history. Or click “Skip”.
  • Create an account by inventing a name and uploading a photo.

You can also download Vatsap to Nokia for those who use mobile to software that does not support the messenger.

Symbian platform phones – 206 dual, 201, 210 and others: to download the program, enter www.whatsapp.com/s40/ in the browser search engine, then click “Download Now” to download. Choose the name of the country, if necessary, a phone number (confirm it with a code from SMS), create an account.

Some Nokia 3310 models and others support java files with the extension .Jar and .Jad. You can download the application by entering WhatsApp Java in the browser search engine.

In the same way, the messenger for Nokia X 980 Android is downloaded, which does not have a built-in market. Launch your browser and enter the WhatsApp APK file free. In this way, you can download Vatsap to your Nokia phone.

Installation Rules

  • To download Vatsap, the phone must be connected to the Internet.
  • The device drive must have enough free megabytes for the messenger.
  • When activating the application, enter the phone number of the device from which you will use the program.

Registration and connection

The program will not require you to come up with a username or password. Register an account – enter a phone number. To activate, you drive in the code that the messenger sends.

To chat, you do not need to write down contacts of interlocutors who have WhatsApp. The system itself pulls them up using the mobile phonebook. Account privacy settings are set automatically. But they can be customized as you wish using the application menu: three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Other functions

If you want to start correspondence, click on the “Chats” tab at the top of the screen / “Contacts”. Click on the selected account..

A chat will open with this interlocutor and a field for entering a message. After typing, click on the submit button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Voice messages are also forwarded in the chat. To do this, press the microphone icon, hold it while you speak. When you remove your finger from the microphone, the message will go.

If you select the “Calls” tab and then the handset icon with a plus at the top of the screen, a list of contacts you can call will open. To do this, click on the handset opposite the user account with your finger.

Video calling is not available on every Nokia model. In those mobiles where this option is present, you need to open a chat with the interlocutor, click on the camcorder icon.

Whatsapp Benefits & Features

  • In the popular messenger, you can easily send various types of files – texts, pictures, videos. To save traffic, photos, audio and video are compressed on a special server.
  • The program is free, not loaded with ads.
  • End-to-end encryption of correspondence has an advantage – the message cannot be intercepted while it is being forwarded.
  • Available to create single and group chats.
  • The program is equipped with account protection methods.


The popular application is designed for phones with various software. Easy to download WhatsApp for free on Nokia. Users like the simple and convenient interface of the program, the ability to create groups and single chats, send photos, videos.

However, not everyone is happy that the development company stops supporting the messenger on some models. Those who use mobile with outdated software, note that they need to look for different ways to download the application.