How to send a location in WhatsApp

Sometimes it is necessary to inform the interlocutor of your location. For example, so that he meets you or explains how best to get to one place or another. Once in this situation, do not painfully select words or frantically look around, looking for noticeable objects. It is much easier to do this in the messenger. Many users are interested in how to drop geolocation on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can share location information.

Geolocation Features

The ability to show your location at Vatsap at any time is convenient for children and their parents, as well as for tourists or guests who want to see the city.

In addition to the point of your immediate stay, you can also share the geodata of large objects located nearby (for example, a theater, cafe or parking lot). The device itself will provide a list of these places. To do this, you must enable access to your location in the application. On phones with different operating systems, this is implemented in different ways..

How to send WhatsApp geolocation to iPhone

To reset your geo-tagging on an iPhone, you first need to make sure that the geolocation service is functioning. To do this, you need:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • Go to the Geolocation Services section.
  • Set slider to active state.
  • Among the list of various programs, find “WhatsApp” and check the box “When using programs”. “WhatsApp” appears next to WhatsApp.

After that, you need to find the desired contact in the application and click on it to start the conversation. On the left you will see a plus sign. You should click on it and among other items select “Location”. This will transfer the point to Google Maps wherever you are..

Whatsapp geo-location on iPhone.

How to throw geolocation on “WhatsApp” on Android

First you need to give the application access to your geodata, if this has not been done before:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Check the boxes “Access my location data” and “Use GPS”.
  • In the chat you need, click on the paper clip and select the “Location” icon.

It takes literally 2 seconds for the application to get your coordinates.

If you want to share not your location, but some other object, you should find it on the map using a magnifying glass (it looks for the address) and send in the chat the point where it is.

On some phones, you do not need to go into the settings. Before sending the geolocation to the interlocutor, a pop-up window appears asking if you allow the device to determine your location. You need to click “Allow”.

Transfer location to Android.

How to find out the location of a person without his knowledge

In “Vatsapa” one cannot secretly track a person’s whereabouts. The messenger complies with the data security and privacy policy. Therefore, it will not work to see the interlocutor’s movement without his consent.

However, the user can voluntarily enable the “Share Location” feature. The phone on both iOS and Android will offer to take this opportunity at the first attempt to share the location in Votsap. A window will appear with a message that the subscriber can see your geo-location regularly, for any time: 15 minutes, hours or 8 hours. You decide whether to confirm or cancel the action..

During the selected period, the interlocutor monitors your movements (for example, if you went to another city where you have not been before, or got into a car to a stranger). The geolocation transfer function will allow relatives and friends to check your location at any time, and you feel safe.