The value of emoticons in WhatsApp

Emoticons and small drawings are often used when communicating in Viber, Vatsap, and other applications. But in order to effectively exchange information, understand the emotions of the interlocutor, you must correctly interpret the meaning of emoticons in WhatsApp.

Selecting and sending a smile of joy in Votsap.

WhatsApp emoticons

Most chat users agree that communication without pictures, which serve to visually convey emotions, becomes dry and uninteresting. Images dilute boring text, make communication easy, awaken the emotional response of the interlocutor and convey the mood much better than a thousand words.

But when using such pictograms, discrepancies may appear when interpreting them. Often, such annoying and curious mistakes are made by those who do not have much experience in using instant messengers..

And sometimes users simply don’t find the panel where the emoticons are located, and cannot use them. Indeed, on different devices the interface looks different and finding the right button becomes difficult.

For Android

On smartphones with the Android operating system, a panel with drawn symbols appears as a result of the following actions. It is necessary to click on the icon with the image of the keyboard to the left of the field intended for entering a text message.

After that, a panel for selecting emoticons will appear below the line for entering text. They are divided into categories. There are just smiles (smiling, sad, annoyed), and there are images of food, animals, sports equipment, etc..

For iPhone

On an iPhone, in order to insert a drawn picture into a text typed in native language or English, it is necessary to do otherwise. You will need to connect an emoji keyboard that is not installed by default.

To do this:

  • enter “Settings”;
  • open the “Keyboard” menu;
  • choose an option;
  • then “New”;
  • choose “Emoji”.

Now you can use smiles. If emoticons are gone, then through the settings you can turn them on.

Smiley Groups

Votsap, like other applications, offers a large set of emoticons. There are dozens or even hundreds of them, and it would be difficult to quickly select the right one without dividing into categories. Therefore, for the convenience of users, the program provides several groups of pictures.

If you look just below the line for entering messages, you can see 5 characters that are used most often. On the first there will be a smiling smiley, on the second – the face of the animal, on the third – the image of the cup, on the fourth – the ball, and on the fifth – the car.

To convey sadness, you need to select the first category, find the desired image in it and click on it. The picture is inserted into the text line. To display animals, you need to open the second category, and to select food options – the third, etc..

Gradually, the use of smiles becomes so familiar that in places it almost completely replaces the text..

The value of some popular emoticons in Whatsapp

To correctly understand each other, it is necessary to correctly interpret the characters received from the interlocutor. To understand what some drawn pictograms mean, a table with the name and description of the icons will help.

Face with open mouth in a smile.. It means joy, pleasant inspiration. Also often used instead of greeting.
Face with a smile and laughing eyes. Expresses joy, laughter, good mood.
Squinted with open mouth in a smile. Conveys laughter, laughter.
Laughing emoticon with tears. Rampant laughter from which tears sprinkle.
Squinted with a blush. Shameful smile, embarrassing embarrassment, awkwardness.
Winking face. Invitation to something, hint, flirting.
Inverted. Means pampering or discouraged.
Face with hearts instead of eyes. Transmits love or a state of love.
Smile with palms. Hug Man shows his hands and invites to hug.
The picture with the corners of the mouth down. The interlocutor began to feel bored or sad.

In addition, there are pictures expressing surprise, anger, doubt, protest, anxiety, neutral emotions. Decryption they most often do not need. They are drawn in such a way that their meaning is intuitive..

Sometimes you can see a question mark in the square sent by the interlocutor. This is a symbol of the icon from the updated database, which is not displayed on older smartphones.

Stickers for WhatsApp

Stickers are small images that symbolize an object, animal or event. You can enable such pictures by clicking on the rectangle at the end of the message input line. Some icons can be added to your favorites list..

Using it after that will become more convenient. Sometimes Watsup users put numerous brackets at the end of messages, deployed to the right or left side. Such signs convey that the speaker is happy or distressed, but this way of conveying emotions is considered obsolete. If desired, you can transfer stickers from a telegram to Vatsap.