How to make a poll in WhatsApp in a group

WhatsApp is a free service for exchanging messages, various files and documents. Various functions are available in the messenger: from a standard dialogue between two users to creating a group chat for a larger number of people. However, despite the large number of features, the developers have not yet proposed a solution on how to vote in WhatsApp conversations..

WhatsApp conversation voting.

What are polls and polls for?

Surveys or chatting is a convenient feature that gives users the opportunity to make optimal group decisions, calculate data and statistics.

Surveys are very popular among entrepreneurs, businessmen and other people who need to establish a strong connection with the audience. With their help, you can learn people’s opinions about products and services, which makes it possible to increase their level.

Voting and polls in chat allow you to:

  • make contact with the audience;
  • get people’s opinions on the product;
  • increase community demand and attendance;
  • Get information for further business development;
  • find out what the target audience is interested in.

Surveys in the messenger help in improving your business and are a useful feature for both communities and individuals..

What are bots in WhatsApp

Bots are computer programs with which you can communicate like a living person. There are many robots for dialogs and group chats that perform various tasks and actions, including conducting surveys and voting. But unlike other services where their creation is officially authorized, in “Votsap” it is a more complex process.

WhatsApp does not have an open APL for developers, so it will not be possible to officially connect such programs, even if the person is an IT specialist. The only solution is to order a chatbot capable of conducting polls for the messenger from specialized companies.

WhatsApp Bots.

The developers of smart programs took care of the ease of their settings in advance. You will not need to go into complex bot algorithms and configure it yourself, because the program will independently solve the tasks given to it.

Bots that can create polls in the messenger perform various functions:

  • conduct surveys, process and show their results in anonymous form;
  • read user identification data;
  • invite to the chat users recorded in the phone book to conduct a survey;
  • receive information about the interests of the target audience.

Thanks to this, you can find out a lot of useful information for the development of your company and optimize your marketing strategy. Also, these programs are easy to use and available to all users of the service without installing additional programs..

Where to order a chat bot in Vatsap

There are many companies on the Internet that develop special chat bots for instant messengers for a low cost. Such companies are engaged in the creation of various programs with rich functionality, they offer:

  • development of bots that understand any user requests and optimize polls in the application;
  • preparation of prototypes of bots and making adjustments to their creation:
  • product support before and after its launch.

With the help of chat bots in “Vatsap”, users can easily find mutual understanding and a common language with the client, which further makes it possible to improve the quality of their product. Their use does not require the installation of additional software, which greatly simplifies the life of users.

Thanks to such capabilities of the service, many people with different interests are united, even though the developers do not provide for the direct creation of polls and polls, as well as the use of official bots, because there are solutions to these problems.