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Vatsap newsletter programs are used to alert potential customers. The advertising campaign covers a wide audience, which is considered the main advantage of such funds. Creating a mass mailing list is easy, you can do it yourself.

Mass mailing is widely used during advertising campaigns..

Why WhatsApp Newsletter

A newsletter is used to simultaneously send multiple messages to multiple users. So you can notify potential customers about the opening of the store, promotions, discounts, new services. Less commonly used by ordinary users. In this way, send important information to friends, send out invitations to events.

How to create it manually

A simple scheme involves compiling a list of contacts to which the application will send messages. Numbers are extracted from the phone book.

To create a mailing list, do the following:

  • Launch the “WhatsApp” messenger. Open the “Chats” section.
  • Find the menu icon, which is a 3 dots, click on it. In the list that opens, select “New Newsletter”.
  • Add the necessary contacts, click the “Finish” button. In the context menu, select the option “Create”. Form a list of recipients, after which they type the text, send it.

Manual mailing options are limited. Messages are delivered to users who have entered the sender’s number in the phone book. The method is suitable for a novice entrepreneur: it helps to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. You can create a manual newsletter if you have a ready-made client base.

Bulk mailing automatically

Sending notifications using a special service is a convenient and effective way to promote a product or service. To do this, install an application that automatically sends out user-created messages. The program uses its own database of contacts. The cost of the list of numbers is included in the mailing price or debited separately. The wider the mailing list, the lower the price of 1 notification.

For automatic mass mailing you need to install an application that has its own database of contacts.

To create an automatic distribution, perform the following steps:

  • Synchronize your smartphone with a computer. This option is considered more convenient..
  • Register on the site. Enter the necessary data – name, phone number, email address.
  • Select the type of base used. You can upload your own contacts or get them from the server.
  • Specifies the approximate number of messages to be sent..
  • Choose a target audience. Determine the age, location, gender of potential customers. This increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign..
  • Get access to your personal account. Then follow the instructions issued by the service..
  • Type the text of the notification. He must be literate and small. Attractive images are included in the message..
  • Confirm the action. Advertising will be sent to recipients.

The main disadvantage of automatic mailing is the need to pay. Some services offer a free demo version of a business service..

Program Overview

All programs included in the rating are used not only to send text. Use them to send media files..


An extended version of this application allows you to reach 1 million people a day.

Software is used to send a large number of messages. The extended version allows you to send notifications to a million people per day. The working window of the program contains active and disabled contact databases. Average price of 1 comment – 1 kopeck.

Lists of potential customers are independently created using special functions..

You can use the trial version, valid for 2 days.

Prostor SMS

Month works
free trial.

The application has a free demo that runs for a month.

The service offers users such features as:

  • sending advertising using a global base of numbers at a fixed cost;
  • report on the results of the advertising campaign;
  • introduction of text up to 200 characters long; use of images, emoticons, videos;
  • legal support;
  • quick sending notifications;
  • effective advertising.

Zazu Media

Zazu Media sends out advertisements for numbers provided by the customer. There are ready-made subscriber bases, functions for selecting targeted contacts. The service is easy to use, management is carried out using the main menu.


This software product allows you to organize a high-quality mailing system at Vatsap. The application is used to send images, text, video, audio, layouts.


The list of program features includes the following functions:

  • notification through the emulator;
  • Sending messages using the WhatsApp webpage
  • checking contacts for presence in the messenger;
  • start an answering machine;
  • loading and simultaneous use of several emulators;
  • chat bot.

Appsend Service

This marketing tool is used to send text ads to Vatsap. The cost of 1 notification is 59 kopecks. Developers advise and train customers for free. Sending is carried out on ready-made or independently created databases. Software does not require downloading and installation, work is carried out online. The program is compatible with any devices.

Where can I order the WhatsApp Newsletter

Sites providing mass mailing services are easy to find through a search..

Service for ordering newsletters can be found through a search engine. Before starting a collaboration, they study reviews of other customers. Do not use a site that provides services at too low a price.

Are there any restrictions and sanctions

Advertising is considered illegal if the user does not give permission to receive it, but this rarely happens.

The addressee has the right to file a claim with the distributor. If there is no result, contact the antimonopoly service. Illegal distribution of advertising is punishable by a fine.

The law spells out responsibility for sending spam via telephone. Administrative responsibility for the distribution of advertising on the Internet is rare, the user independently agrees to receive notifications when installing WhatsApp.