What size video can I send to Whatsapp

In the manuals distributed on the network, 2 different maximum video sizes are indicated in Vatsap. This is due to the fact that this parameter depends on how the video is attached to the message. In addition, this value increased with the release of new versions of the messenger.

How much video can be transferred through WhatsApp

Through the Vatsap messenger, you can transfer 2 types of clips from your gadget:

  • Taken directly from this application. To switch to the recording mode, you need to click the “Camera” icon, located next to the send message button.
  • Stored in the device’s memory or on the SD card. To include such a file in the message, you do not need to activate the camera. It is required to click on the “Paperclip” icon and select “Gallery” in the list of available options. After that, all media files on the gadget will become available..

Share videos on WhatsApp.

In the first case, the maximum movie size is 16 MB. The length of the playback is from 3 to 5 minutes. In the second case, it all depends on the version of the software used (software), but the video size cannot be more than 100 megabytes. If messages are sent not from the mobile gadget, but from the web version of the messenger, then this value may be equal to 64 MB.

How to transfer a long video

If a user needs to share a video with his interlocutors whose size exceeds the set limit, he can act in any of 3 ways:

  • compress video using special converter software;
  • cut a large file into several clips;
  • upload the file to the cloud, to social networks or to YouTube and send a link to it on WhatsApp.

How to save a long video on WhatsApp

By default, the application is configured to autoload all files sent to the user. If it was disabled to save gadget memory, you can save the desired clip in a few seconds by clicking on the arrow pointing down. It is located in the lower left corner of the preview near the figure indicating the weight of the file. If this icon is missing, then the clip is already saved on the device. In this case, you need to look for it in the WhatsApp Video folder.

If the message received only a link, but the video itself is not, then in order to download it, you will need to use software tools that allow you to download from the site where the video is located.

How to compress video to send via WhatsApp on Android

You can compress a clip to fit the file size into the set limit using 2 types of converters:

  • The application downloaded from the Play Store;
  • online service.

The first option is suitable for those who often process videos. An example of such software is the “Video Compressor”. This application allows you to:

  • convert video to MP4 format;
  • choose the final quality and size of the clip;
  • crop video before compression;
  • save audio track separately.

An example of online resources is Convert Video online. Its advantages compared to the application:

  • a wide selection of formats (almost 300 options) into which you can convert a video file;
  • the ability to change the codecs used;
  • the ability to edit the video, change its resolution and delete the audio track;
  • work not only with files located on the device, but also with any clip available on the Internet.

Android video compression.

Reduce video for Vatsap to iPhone

Owners of gadgets with the iOS system can download from the App Store an application that is a complete analogue of the converter used on Android. For example, Filmora Video Editor allows you to not only compress and crop, but also to rotate the video, as well as apply various effects to it.

Also on the iPhone, the same online services are available as when working with mobile devices with a different operating system.