Pavel Durov calls on users to massively remove WhatsApp

The creator of the popular messenger made a scandalous statement. It requires users of the utility to massively delete WhatsApp from their devices..



As mentioned earlier, the WhatsApp team talked about the virus code found. His unknown hackers uploaded to MP4 video. The creators of the messenger promised to fix the error before the end of 2019.

“WhatsApp users receive MP4 video as a regular newsletter. When you open the file, a virus code is downloaded to the device. Even the best programs cannot detect a third-party format … Fraudsters gain access to the information contained on a smartphone, tablet, computer. Information on payment programs is also opened. Thousands of dollars are debited from the accounts of victims ”.

However, according to Pavel Durov, the utility is still dangerous.

“WhatsApp continues to track the activities of gadget owners. Transfer personal information to third-party servers. People need to remove the utility immediately ”.

Durov also believes that the problem is in Facebook – the main corporation that owns WhatsApp and Telegram.

“Hackers use a code defect to gain access to other projects. Since its inception, Facebook and Telegram have not encountered security issues. Perhaps hackers are trying to get to global projects with little development. ”.

How to secure the device

Pavel Durov advises to completely remove WhatsApp until full protection is provided. How many Facebook team programmers will look for a flaw is not known.

If the messenger is dear to you. Stick to the rules:


  • Do not open suspicious files. Especially MP4 video.
  • Update the utility to the latest versions. You can check for new codes in the Play Market, App Store or on the official website of the developers.
  • Limit messenger access to phone contacts, galleries, geolocation.
  • Uninstall the program without deactivating the account, and then install the application.


Download the messenger exclusively from official sources.

For this:


  • Open Play Market, App Store or the official website of developers.
  • Enter the name of the messenger. From the portal, find the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Tap “Download”.
  • Wait for download and automatic installation.


Registered users will not need authorization after the update. The program automatically “pulls up” the client.

If you have an account, however, the program is installed on the device for the first time:


  • In the appropriate field, enter “Login”.
  • Enter the phone number to which the client is registered.
  • Verify Authentication.


For registration:


  • Tap WhatsApp Icon After Download.
  • Select “Register”.
  • Enter country, phone number.
  • Confirm the action by writing the code received via SMS.
  • Indicate first name, last name.



Personal information is not required to be accurate. You can come up with a nickname, be called a stranger.

The creators of instant messengers try to protect users as much as possible from hacks, hacker attacks. Users, in turn, must remember about personal safety. Especially – do not download utilities from suspicious sites, do not open files from the newsletter.