What is WhatsApp and how to use it

WhatsApp is a popular free messenger. It is supported by platforms: Android, iOS, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone. Novice users are interested in what “Vatsap” is and how to work with the program correctly.

Popular communication program.

What is WhatsApp and why is it needed

“Vatsap” is a multifunctional application that allows you to send messages, call, send images and video files. Users create private or group chats for communication, make voice and video calls.

The subscriber can change privacy settings, format messages, add them to the “Favorites” list. Since 2016, WhatsApp is a free program.

Pros and cons

In 2012, Whatsapp was downloaded by 100 million people, in 2015 already 1 billion. Every day, 1-1.5 billion people communicate through the application.

The benefits of the messenger:

  • In addition to mobile platforms, there is a version for the computer.
  • Users can communicate with each other in a browser without installing a utility.
  • Fast registration by phone number. WhatsApp syncs with your gadget and reads contacts.
  • Create group chats for up to 256 people. Administrators can add, delete people, change the name of the community.
  • Ability to send video, audio, PDF files, text, voice messages and make video calls for free.
  • Instant messaging, files. Delays are only possible due to interruptions in communication or signal loss..
  • When transferring objects are compressed to a convenient format. A reduced copy is sent to the recipient, which helps to save traffic.
  • Missing ad.

WhatsApp criticized for weak security. Periodically there are problems with data encryption. In addition, after registration, all contacts from the notebook are copied to a separate server, and Facebook has the right to use the phones of people at its discretion.

Real-time video chat.

How to install

The procedure for searching and downloading WhatsApp depends on the type of device and operating system..

To phone

On Android OS, the application is available on Google Play, on iOS in the App Store.

Step-by-step instructions for installing the messenger on a smartphone or tablet:

  • go to the store, type “Whatsap” in the search bar;
  • Select the first application with the handset in the green circle;
  • download it.

The program icon will appear on the main screen. For further registration, click on it and follow the instructions..

On pc

On a computer, the service is available for Windows 8.1 and later..

How to download Vatsap to PC:

  • go to the official page of the messenger;
  • select the version for the computer, download the file with the extension .EXE;
  • go to “Downloads” and open the resulting program.

Run the utility, to register, scan the “Vatsap” QR code on your smartphone. Sync will happen automatically.

Installing a messenger on a PC.

Brief instructions for working with the application on the phone

After installation, open the application. It will ask for access to the device’s systems. Click “Allow” to read contacts and connect to the camera, gallery, etc..

Application Registration

To activate your account, go through the identification:

  • open the program;
  • in the field that appears, enter the phone number and click on the green arrow;
  • The system will send a verification code;
  • enter 6 digits.

When you are prompted to automatically save the backups, you can click Never. This is to prevent your private unencrypted messages from being sent to Google..

Customization to your needs

Novice users can easily adjust Vatsap for themselves: activate the necessary functions and disable the secondary ones. If you are tired of audiovisual message notifications, go to “Settings”, then to “Notifications” and uncheck “Sounds” or “Show thumbnails”. To get rid of notifications completely – “Alerts on the desktop”.

Chat creation

WhatsApp communication can be organized by creating groups for friends, colleagues, neighbors, like-minded people..

To do this, click on the second tab in the upper panel with the name “Chats”, then follow the instructions:

  • In the options find “New group”.
  • The system will redirect to the “Contacts” section, where it will be possible to select subscribers to add to the group.
  • Now make a chat: change the subject, write a name, add emoticons and images.

Then click on the green arrow to save. Administrator rights allow you to invite and delete users. To add several subscribers at once, send them a chat link or a QR code. You can cancel the invitation if necessary.

Calls to Vatsap

When making calls via WhatsApp, the subscriber does not pay for minutes, but only Internet traffic. People from all over the world can chat almost for free. Exception – emergency numbers.

To make a call through Vatsap, find the caller and click on the phone icon. To set up a video call, click on the button with the camera image. During an audio call, you can switch to the video by selecting the desired icon.

The application will allow you to create a collective call for up to 4 people. To do this, open one of your chats, click “Group Call” and select contacts. The action is also available from the Calls tab..

Voice messages

Audio recordings allow you to communicate faster with individuals or a group. Open the chat, press and hold the microphone icon for 2 seconds, speak. Release the button to end recording. The file will be saved and automatically sent.

Submitting Documents

Via Vatsap, you can send media files and documents of various formats. To send a message, click the “Add” tab and select a file from the device’s memory. You can add captions to each picture and video. Size Limit – 100 MB.

Transfer files from one chat to another. Press and hold a message. When the list of operations appears, select “Forward”.

Avatar changes

Manage your account through “Profile Settings”. Go to the tab, select the photo and then “Change”. Now you can delete the avatar, add a new one or take a picture using the camera.

There are also sections for changing personal information and status. Through the privacy on / off button, adjust what your friends will see. By default, everyone can view statuses, photos, online activity.

How to use Vatsap on a computer

The account on the PC is synchronized with the application on the phone. All messages, calls and events are reflected simultaneously on 2 devices.

In the computer version, you can perform all the actions:

  • make audio and video calls;
  • send files;
  • Create and edit groups
  • change profile settings.

The Vatsap version for the computer is convenient for those who work on the network with a PC, because no need to be distracted by the phone.

WhatsApp Web Version: Features and How to Use

The same procedure for working with Vatsap in the browser. On the PC or smartphone, open the messenger site, log in using your phone number and password. However, due to limitations of some web browsers, certain functions are not available. For reliability, download the application on your PC.