How to quickly and free install WhatsApp on an Android tablet

Tried to download WhatsApp to your Android tablet and nothing came of it? No problem! From this article, you can learn how to do this in order to enjoy using the popular messenger from your tablet device even in the absence of a SIM card.

What are the benefits of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers all over the world and for good reason:

  • creating an account does not take much time;
  • simple and convenient interface, which even a small child will understand;
  • lack of advertising;
  • the ability to use on multiple devices (for example, PC and smartphone) due to automatic synchronization;
  • free messaging and media files;
  • the ability to freely call and chat on video;
  • easy contact search;
  • information transmitted in the chat is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Pros and cons of the Android system

Android tablet.

OS for Android phones and tablets is used in many popular device models.

According to statistics, it takes first place in the total number of gadgets authorized on the basis of this OS.

And not without reason, because:

  • Android offers the simplest and most convenient interface that the user can configure “for themselves”: appearance, default programs, system settings.
  • There is a huge selection of free and official download applications supported by the device..
  • The collection of files is completely open to change. You can save data in the gadget, change the firmware, use it as a USB flash drive.
  • Availability. There are many Android devices on the market that differ in size, color, price, parameters, etc. There is an opportunity to easily choose what suits you.

However, Android also has disadvantages:

  • As a rule, at first the system “flies” (it quickly works, reacts and executes commands), but after 1–2 years of use it starts to “slow down”.
  • The problem of updates. Since Android is the most popular OS, this affects the fact that older models of phones and tablets quickly remain without support from the manufacturer (system developers do not have time to make firmware versions for all kinds of Android devices).

Instructions for installing Whatsapp on Android

You can install WhatsApp on an Android tablet, but there is one caveat: the messenger is not officially designed to work on tablet computers. Therefore, from official sources such as Google Play, Samsung Apps, etc., the application cannot be downloaded..

Install WhatsApp on an Android tablet.

You can download Vatsap for free on a tablet with Android from third-party resources. Google the “download WhatsApp to Android tablet” command in the search engine and find the installation file in .apk format.

Important: Before downloading the application from an extraneous source, check the reliability of the site by reading the reviews in the comments, paying attention to the elaboration of the page, link address.

How to install

Android OS in order to prevent damage to the device by malicious utilities prohibits downloading programs from unknown sources.

Therefore, before installing Vatsap on a tablet with Android, you will have to cancel the ban on installing applications from extraneous sites:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, select “Security”.
  • Click on Unreliable Sources.
  • Turn off the protection option by moving the cursor.

How to install correctly

The installation algorithm of Vatsap for a tablet with Android depends on whether your device has a SIM card or not. It is important to do everything right for the messenger to work, because the program was developed for smartphones and it is not designed for other gadgets.

On a tablet with a sim card

Add to the list of WhatsApp applications on a device with a SIM card is not difficult:

  • Disable the protection against downloading programs from unknown resources.
  • Find the installation file and download it.
  • After downloading, the application should automatically install. If this does not happen, click on the downloaded file yourself.
  • Create a WA account. Enter the SIM card number and wait until the code arrives on your mini-computer.
  • Complete authorization.

On a tablet without a SIM card

Installing Votsap on a tablet without a SIM card is also easy, but you need a mobile phone where a WA account is not created:

  • Repeat the algorithm from paragraph 1 to paragraph 3 of the previous section of the article.
  • Create an account: enter the number of your mobile phone and wait until an SMS with a code arrives there.
  • Dial the code digits on the tablet.
  • Complete the authorization process.

Help: if you haven’t received SMS with a password, click on “SMS confirmation doesn’t come”. They will call you and dictate the code digits.

Is it possible to install on two devices

The Watsap account is tied to the phone number to which it is registered. For this reason, logging into the same account from multiple devices at the same time will not work (exception: web version of the messenger).

How to work through a web browser

There is another way to use WhatsApp from your tablet – the official browser version of the application. And the plus is that you don’t have to look, download, install anything.

All you need is a smartphone with an installed messenger and access to the Internet:

  • Open any browser on your tablet.
  • Go to the web version website.
  • Launch WA on your smartphone.

    Web version of WhatsApp on Android tablet.

  • Go to the menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • A QR scanner will open, which you need to point to the barcode on the tablet’s browser page.
  • When you complete this step, you will see the familiar program interface on the screen of your mini-computer.

Attention: in the web version you can’t make regular and video calls. Also, the program will not work when the phone to which the account is registered is turned off.


Now you know where to start using Votsap on your Android tablet.


  • WA is not designed for tablets, so downloading it from official resources will not work.
  • Vatsap works on devices with and without a SIM card.
  • Web-based application available on tablets.