WhatsApp on Android – how to download and install

WhatsApp messaging application has an interface in many languages and various functions. On which versions of androids it works, where it is better to download from and how to use it, we will tell in the article.

What is Android – version rating

Android – OS for mobile phones and tablets, laptops, watches, smartbooks, e-books. This is a set of interconnected programs and applications for controlling a device with a touch screen. Android allows you to use the Internet, play, chat, listen to music, watch movies, run applications.

The first android was HTC Dream. The current versions of the platform are 7.0, 7.1 Nougat, 8.0, 8.1 Oreo, Android 9.0 Pie. The latest development – Android 10.0 Q.

Whatsapp is not supported by some outdated versions of smartphones.

WhatsApp on Android.

On the official website of the messenger the minimum requirements for downloading the application are indicated – the smartphone must work on OS 4.0.3 or later.

The company intends to refuse to service the Android system with version 2.3.7 and older.

However, users of outdated samsung models and other phones have the right to download previous versions of the messenger from unofficial sources.

Whatsapp Benefits & Features

  • This is a free program..
  • It is not loaded with sponsor ads..
  • End-to-end encryption of correspondence is used, the message cannot be intercepted while forwarding.
  • Available to create single and group chats.
  • In the application, you can make audio and video calls, send any kind of file.
  • Account protection methods have been developed – two-phase verification, fingerprint login.
  • Images and videos are compressed on a special server when sending, which saves traffic.
  • There are options for setting the profile and privacy items.
  • Correspondence transfer is available if you switch from one mobile to another.
  • You can backup chats.

Download and Installation Instructions

Let’s see how to install WhatsApp for free on Android. It is recommended to download the messenger from the official website of the program by going to the Google Play market. For older models of smartphones whose OS is not supported by the application, third-party sites are suitable.

Your actions will differ only at the initial stage, until the program icon appears on the screen – a green circle with a white handset inside, opposite which will be written “WhatsApp Messenger”.

Further, step-by-step instructions will allow you to download WhatsApp on Android:

  • Near the program icon you will see the option “Download”. Click and then “Install”.
  • When the application is downloaded, the “Open” button will appear. Touch her. After that, you will see an item on the terms of use and privacy policy. Click Accept and Continue. Next, the program will request access to contacts and sending notifications. Choose what suits you – “Allow” or “Deny”.
  • In the field that opens, enter the phone number from which you are downloading the application. Click Next. The messenger will ask you to confirm it. To do this, click OK. Then the application will send you an SMS with a 6-digit code. Enter the numbers in the specified field.
  • If you used the program earlier, you will be prompted to restore the message history. Or click “Skip”.
  • Create an account. Enter a name, optionally add a profile photo. The image can be downloaded from the phone by clicking on the image of the camera. When the avatar is downloaded, press the “Next” button, starting the initialization process.

On how to find the icon with the application for downloading on different resources, read below.

Via google play

This is the main platform for Android devices. The entertainment store, which by default is integrated into the phone, contains movies, games, music, applications. The Google play icon is located on the smartphone’s main screen or in the program menu, it can be designated as Play Market or Play Store.

To install Vatsap on an Android phone, tap the market icon with your finger for free. A window opens with a search bar in the browser. Enter the name WhatsApp. A green circle with a messenger symbol will appear. By clicking on it, start the download process. After that, proceed as shown above..

Using the APK file

This format is an extension for program files that run on the Android platform. Open a browser and enter “WhatsApp apk” in the search engine. Links to various sites will appear. Among them will be resources offering the application in this format. In the apk file, the messenger is downloaded in the same way as from the WhatsApp website. Open and download.

Before the download procedure, you must allow the smartphone to install such applications. In the phone’s settings, select “Security”, then “Unknown sources” and activate this item. After loading, cancel activation.

Download from other sources

You can download Vatsap for Android from various sites. To do this, enable the function of downloading applications from unknown sources. In the phone’s settings menu, select the “Security” item and activate the “Unknown sources” tab.

Launch your browser and enter whatsapp. A list of sites will open. Choose a resource. See the application icon and the Download button. Press. Next, follow the instructions shown above. Then revoke the permission for unknown sources by going to the phone’s settings, selecting “Security” / “Unknown sources”.

Program setup and registration

The account is registered at the first launch of the messenger, when the user enters the phone number with which the application is synchronized. To activate the profile, the system sends an access code in SMS. The numbers must be entered in a special field.

Backup to WhatsApp on Android.

Access to the account is possible only from this mobile. How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android so that you can access your account from another phone, we will explain further.

Make backup chats. To do this, open “Settings” / “Chats” / “Backup chats”. Below you will see the item “Account”. Email address is listed there.

If it does not appear, you must initialize with Google Drive and allow the application access to data. Click the “Backup” button. On the new device, log in to the Google account that was on the old smartphone and download the program using the previous phone number for authorization.

Whatsapp Features Overview

When you start the messenger, the tabs “Chats”, “Status”, “Calls” will appear at the top.

Read more about the program features below:

  • To start a conversation, go to “Chats” / “Contacts”. If there are owners of WhatsApp in the mobile phonebook, the system itself will offer users available for correspondence. Choose an account. A chat will open with him. Type a message and click the submit button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • If you activate the Calls tab, and then select the plus handset icon located at the top of the screen, a list of contacts opens. To connect, click on the handset opposite the user account with your finger. Audio conversations can be switched to video format by clicking on the camcorder icon.
  • To send a voice message, open a chat with the other person. Select and hold the microphone icon while talking. When finished, remove your finger from the microphone. Message is sent automatically.
  • New versions of WhatsApp have an optional security feature. It is used to protect your account. To activate, go to “Settings” / “Account” / “Two-step verification” / “Enable”. The system will prompt you to come up with a 6-digit password and enter an e-mail.

The application features are diverse and allow you to optimize the style of the program to your preferences..


WhatsApp is popular with users because it allows you to make free calls, send media files, voice messages, make video calls.

The one who installed the application on android notes that it is better to download the program from Play Market – this is the official source on which the latest version is available. Also in the reviews it is noted that the messenger is convenient to use, and in order to secure the account, you can use special protection functions.