How to delete a group that you created in WhatsApp

Using Vatsap, people talk with colleagues and friends. They create groups for communication. This allows you to exchange views at once for all participants, to jointly discuss exciting topics. But many are interested in how to remove a group in Vatsap. This has to be done if the social circle changes or for other reasons..

WhatsApp group brings people together.

How to delete a group in WhatsApp

Deciding on removal, you need to understand that such an operation is irreversible. If this is a temporary emotional solution, then you can just leave the group at vatsap. And then after some time to re-join.

This means that the following information will disappear:

  • All conversations will be lost. The contacts of the person initiating the deletion will disappear from other users from their contact lists.
  • Correspondence conducted by a person will be lost.
  • All data on payments made in the system will be lost.

Administrators need to think twice before deciding to close the section in which participants gather. Removing may harm those present.

Information exchanged by users will be lost. This applies not only to messages, but also to photos. Documents and video files will be irretrievably lost.

If the decision to delete is still made, you should decide which way it will be done. There are the following methods:

  • remove the group;
  • get out of her.

WhatsApp is installed on the computer, as well as devices using iOS and Android. The removal procedure depends on which operating system is installed on the device..

Select “Group Info” in Vatsap.

On Android

To perform the operation, the administrator needs to do the following:

  • Go to Vacap. At the top of the screen, click 3 vertical dots.
  • Go to “Group Info”.
  • Each participant will have to be deleted in turn. To do this, select the username, click on it. The procedure is confirmed by selecting the inscription “Delete participant”.
  • When there is no one on the list, the administrator should exit. The “Exit” button is highlighted in red at the bottom of the section.
  • After clicking on it, “Delete” will appear. You should be careful, if you click on the button, then restore the previously created group will never work..

If you don’t want to talk with other people, but don’t want to deprive them of communication with each other, you can just go out. They will continue to talk, but their correspondence will not be visible to the departed.

The same approach can be used when the administrator is forced to remove the participant. He should select a username, click on it, and then click on “Delete”.

Removing a group on WhatsApp on Android.

On iPhone

The process of leaving the group on an iPhone (if this device was used for communication) has differences.

The admin can act as described above, and the average participant in the conversation should do the following:

  • Find a group and click on it. Open the menu by clicking on the top of the window 3 points.
  • Select “Chat Info”. If you scroll down a section, a button will be visible. After the participant clicks on it, he must return to the page with correspondence.
  • The remote group needs to swipe left.
  • After that, the owner of the iPhone should click “Archive”.
  • After going to the archive, you should find your group, and then delete it.

This procedure will be completed.

Via computer

If you need to remove Vatsap from your PC, then first you need to see how the application was installed. In cases where BlueStacks was involved, the program is deactivated in the emulator itself. If it is not needed, you can completely remove it..

When using the web version of WhatsApp, they can exit it, this can be done in the browser.

How to leave a group on WhatsApp

If you need to dissolve the group, but the chat is required by friends, before leaving the administrator needs to choose a person in his place. To do this, select the user, and then click on the name, holding until “Make group admin” appears.

By clicking on the button, the chat creator transfers the authority to another person. After that, you can exit as described above.