How to display WhatsApp on the phone screen

WhatsApp is a fairly convenient and popular messenger all over the world due to the ability to exchange messages and make calls for free. However, during the first installation, an inexperienced user may encounter some difficulties during operation. For example, a person does not know how to display the Vatsap icon on the phone screen. There are also some special functions that will simplify the work with the program, for example, adding shortcuts for quick access to correspondence.

How to return the Vatsap icon to the main screen of the phone if I accidentally deleted it

After installation, access to the program automatically appears on the desktop. By clicking on the shortcut you get access to contacts with whom you can exchange messages.

After installing WhatsApp, the icon usually appears on the desktop.

When you remove the Vatsap icon from the main screen, you will not need to reinstall the program, because, by analogy with a desktop computer, only the shortcut disappeared. You can return it by rebooting the phone by holding the lock or power key for a long time.

If the reboot did not work, then restore through the settings menu. The process does not take much time and is similar for almost all brands of phones.

If you are sure that Vatsap has not been completely deleted and messages from chats are displayed on the top panel and / or notification panel, you can easily return the icon (when you delete an icon from the desktop in some models you can accidentally delete the application itself) . In the list of all installed programs you should find the WhatsApp icon, click on it and hold it for a few seconds, then drag it to the desktop.

If both options do not work, then you need to clean the phone’s cache. The method is quite radical and not possible on all types of gadgets, but it also allows you to solve complex problems. For example, when whatsap flies.

When the power is off, simultaneously hold down the power button and increase the volume until the name of the operating system appears. In the smartphone recovery menu that opens, use the volume up / down buttons to select Clear Cache (Wipe cache partition). Before pressing, make sure that you do not return to the factory settings, because sometimes the functions mentioned above can be combined. If there is no Factory Reset item, we start cleaning the cache, then we reboot the phone.

If there is no way to clear the cache, then it will be easier to uninstall the application and re-download from PlayMarket or AppStore.

There is another way that is more suitable for Samsung phones and allows you to display the icon on the lock screen. After opening the “Home” screen, go to settings, then to “Lock screen” and “Shortcuts”. After clicking “ChatON” you need to select the icon of interest in the list of applications. VastSap will appear on the lock screen instead of “ChatON”.

How to add chat icon on smartphone screen

If you have many conversations, you can often skip some messages in the constant stream. For ease of navigation and quick access to important contacts, you can display the most necessary chats on the phone’s main screen as follows:

  • We open Vatsap;
  • select the chat we want to pin;
  • select chat by pressing for 2-3 seconds;
  • from above, in the highlighted line that appears, select the menu (three vertical dots);
  • select “add to home screen” in the menu;
  • in the window that opens, click on the “add icon” tab.

After that, the chat icon will appear on the desktop. When you click on it, you immediately get into the correspondence window, without going to the WhatsApp application. The number of repetitions of this procedure is not limited. However, the function is available only for Android phones. If you can’t fix the situation, then you need to take a screenshot in vatsap and send in the comments. We will try to help.