How to install vatsap without a sim card

Virtual numbers for social. networks and instant messengers are bought on exchanges for a small amount of money (the price starts from 10 rubles). Including you can use the virtual number for WhatsApp.

Virtual mobile number can be used for a variety of purposes..

How to install whatsapp without a SIM card

How to get a virtual number

“WhatsApp” is a popular messenger, used to send text messages, share videos or music. In the application, you can create group chats or chat face-to-face. You can download Vatsap on a tablet, smartphone or on stationary equipment (laptop or computer).

First of all, virtual SIM is used in various social networks, which allows you not to buy a SIM card. Before buying a virtual number, you should download the WhatsApp application on Google Play or the App Store.

If it is already installed, then you need to remove it and re-download from the market (chats are subject to recovery via Google Drive), otherwise there will be no possibility to work with the acquired conditional number.

After that, you need to purchase virtual SIM (for this, you must enter the phrase “buy virtual number for WhatsApp” into any search engine) or find a free.

Registration with him goes without problems:

  • Indicate WhatsApp virtual number.
  • A letter with a registration confirmation code is sent to the site where you ordered the service.

Virtual SIM app to get your phone number for free.

To get a phone number for free, you can use the Virtual SIM program (as a bonus, the user receives half a euro for calls to home phones):

  • We find the Virtual SIM application in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Download, wait for the installation to finish.
  • Copy the received phone number.

This will allow you to use WhatsApp without a phone number..

Now it remains to register, go through verification by virtual phone and download the communication history (if it was saved on disk).

To save your chats to the Google Drive file cloud you need:

  • In the WhatsApp application, click on “Other options”.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Click the “Chats” button.
  • Select “Chat Backup”.
  • Next, add a Google account when prompted (if it is not, you will have to create it).
  • Click the “Use” button. It’s better to connect to a Wi-Fi network without charging traffic, because saving files will spend some amount (depending on the amount of data and their size) mobile Internet.

To open, when registering Vatsap, click “Restore”.

Reasons why your communication history may not be:

  • lack of access to your Google account;
  • use of another physical number;
  • damage to the SIM card or communication history;
  • lack of backup.

Using the TextNow Application

To install WhatsApp without a SIM card using the application, you need:

  • Type TextNow in the Google Play or App Store search bar. Download and wait for the installation to complete (on a personal computer, open the Android emulator and download the application on it already).
  • Launch TextNow, wait for the end of its configuration and write down your virtual SIM (to watch it on Android, you need to click on 3 circles, on iPhone – on 3 strips).
  • Open WhatsApp and go through the registration procedure (agree with company policy) with a new virtual phone, wait for authentication, answer an incoming call, enter a confirmation code.
  • Restore chats.

TextNow application provides a virtual number from which you can exchange messages and make calls.

Landline Phone Method

You can sign up for WhatsApp, even using your home or landline phone..

For this:

  • Download, install and open the application.
  • We go through the standard registration procedure, just record your home phone.
  • We are waiting for verification by SMS.
  • In case of failure, select “Call”, answer the call.

Then finish the registration. If you wish, you can install WhatsApp on a computer without a phone.