How to restart WhatsApp on the phone

Messenger malfunctions prevent sending messages, interfere with making calls or sending videos. Knowing how to restart “Vatsap”, or, as it is sometimes called, “Vatsap”, you can do without the help of a service workshop.

WhatsApp – application for video communication and messaging.

Reasons to restart the application

Some models of older smartphones are not able to cope with increased load.. Bugs appear in programs, applications fail. Most problems are solved by standard reboot..

Vatsap needs a restart in the following situations:

  • Instant messenger.
    It is manifested by difficulties with switching chats, repeated duplication of sound alerts, etc. Problems resolved after reboot.
  • Difficulties in sending messages.
    If the transmitted text is not checked, the program does not work correctly. To troubleshoot it must be restarted..
  • The application slows down.
    When switching chats takes too much time, messages are delivered and transmitted with a long delay, then “Vatsap” must be reinstalled.

Comfortable communication is ensured by the smooth operation of the messenger. Probable problems with the functionality of the software may be hiding in the problems of the phone. To diagnose malfunctions, you need to restart it.

Restart Whatsapp on Android

Owners of Android-based devices can restart Vatsap when the device is turned on. Under the display of the smartphone is a touch key marked with three stripes. When you click on it, all downloaded applications appear on the screen. The problem is solved by dragging the window of the communication program up or to the side..

The second option is to reboot the messenger using the dispatcher.

The procedure is presented in the following steps:

  • Smartphone settings open.
  • In the “Applications” section, the “Vatsap” software is marked, the program description is displayed.
  • By pressing the key with the inscription “Stop”, the forced stop function is activated.
  • After confirming the previous action, the messenger is turned off.

To reinstall the application, click on the icon. Download will start automatically.

Watsap restart on iphone

You can restart Vatsap on iPhone in applications.

Users of iPhones reinstall Whatsapp for free using a simplified algorithm. To do this, the phone has a Home button. It is located at the bottom of the screen..

After double-clicking the button, the list of applications installed on the smartphone is displayed. To delete a program, the icon is moved to the upper area.

How to reinstall Vatsap on the same phone

To restart the messenger on mobile devices, various techniques are used. Regardless of the method chosen, programmers advise starting the procedure with backup data backup. To save the correspondence, the message archive is copied in the “Chats” section, which is located in the software settings.

After that, the used version of Whatsapp is deleted. The next step is to install the updated application. The downloaded messenger must be tested for viruses and malware. The loading of a workable program is completed by entering an SMS code sent to the user number.

On the iPhone

First you need to uninstall the Vatsap application, and then install it on the iPhone again.

The step-by-step guide on reinstalling Vatsap on Apple’s iOS phones includes the following steps:

  • At the preparatory stage, the stored information is duplicated. This is done so as not to lose contact information and correspondence. The copied information is downloaded to the Iphone memory or to a USB flash drive.
  • The next step is to hold down the messenger icon until a cross appears.
  • The option to uninstall the program is activated. However, the information contained in the application is not stored.
  • To complete the procedure, press the button at the bottom of the screen with the inscription “Home”.

After that, you can install on the “iPhone” an updated version of free software from the App Store.

On Android

Android users reinstall “Vatsap” step by step according to this algorithm:

  • The Google Play Market page opens. After that, you will need to find a messenger in the application manager, which is planned to be downloaded to your smartphone.
  • By pressing the corresponding key, the installation function is activated..
  • When the download is complete, the program starts and the agreement with the terms of use is confirmed.
  • A phone number is entered. For authorization, an SMS with a verification code is sent to it.
  • Correspondence is being restored. If backup was not performed before deletion, information loss cannot be avoided. Chat messages do not resume.

In the menu settings, the “Profile Name” section opens. The necessary data is entered in a special window. For additional identification, you can add a personal photo. In the process of communication, contacts will see the image of the interlocutor on the avatar.

Reinstalling Vatsap to another phone without changing the number

When changing a mobile device, Whatsapp is transferred to a new phone.

If the previous number is retained, the reinstallation is carried out in the following sequence:

  • in the chat settings, the information contained in the messages on the old gadget is backed up;
  • the official messenger portal opens on the new device, the program downloads and installs;
  • after entering the phone number, authorization is confirmed using SMS code;
  • installation ends with restoration of correspondence.

When reinstalling Vatsap, it should be remembered that the stored data is transmitted exclusively between mobile devices with an identical platform. Copying files from iPhone to Android or vice versa will not work.

If you need to save the correspondence, you can backup the chats.

Effective message recovery will require a sufficiently large amount of memory. You can remove unused programs to free up space..

How to reinstall Whatsapp to another number

If the user changes the SIM card, account information is not saved. To restore personal profile information, you need to activate the option “Change number” in the settings of the messenger. In this case, the transfer of information from the personal page of the application starts automatically. It remains only to notify the contacts about changing the phone.

Some mobile operators sell old SIM cards to outsiders. Therefore, before changing it is recommended to delete not only “Vatsap” from the previous telephone number, but also all personal data. A simple operation will protect personal information from intruders.

After activating the backup function, saved files are uploaded to virtual storage.

If you plan to simultaneously change the gadget, account transfer is possible subject to the following conditions:

  • The memory of the new device should not be full. To prepare the necessary free space, unused programs are deleted.
  • File transfer is allowed only between phones with the same operating systems. Transferring data to another platform is not possible.

If a user changes Android to iPhone or vice versa, personal profile information is not saved. You will have to create another account. Contact numbers of the previous page can be sent to e-mail.

Reinstalling on a computer

To use the messenger on a stationary device, there are several ways to install the web version on a computer. Programmers are advised to install “Whatsapp” through the Android emulator. To do this, you first need to download a program that gives PC users access to work with platform applications. Most choose a BlueStacks partnership with Google.

Then “Vatsap” is downloaded, and the installation file is formatted in apk. After that, the emulator starts and the messenger is installed through it. To bind an account, you need to enter a phone number, which will receive a code confirming registration.

Proper connection of the headset allows PC users to use almost all the functionality of the application installed through the emulator. A smartphone’s connection to the Internet is required only to activate the profile.