What does it mean to complain in Whatsapp

Violation of WhatsApp rules by other users is an occasion to contact the 24-hour support service. To do this correctly, it’s worthwhile to first understand what it means in Vatsap to complain about the contact and what consequences this action has..

Report a contact: what is it

You can send a complaint about a contact who first wrote you in the application directly inside the chat by clicking on the “Report” button. The action will lead to the fact that your correspondence with the intruder will be delivered to customer support.

You can also report violations by following the algorithm:

  • Open chat.
  • Click on the contact name to open the profile page.
  • Scroll down the page, find the “Report” button, click on it.

In the same way, you can inform the support service about complaints about the contact via the computer, if you have installed WhatsApp Web.

A compelling reason to complain about someone else’s account is that its owner has committed actions prohibited by the application administration. These include sending materials that violate the laws of country, threats, and insulting users on a racial basis. Messages that incite misconduct or cause disturbance to others violate the terms of service..

What will happen to your account

By sending a complaint about a contact, you have the option to check the box “Block contact and delete messages in this chat”. If you perform this action, then messages from the phone number of the offender will never come to you.

After sending the claim, a notification will appear on the screen that the message has been delivered to support.

What will happen to someone else’s account

After receiving a complaint, the support service analyzes it to conclude that the conditions for the provision of services by the WhatsApp service have been violated. If non-compliance is found, the account you complained about may be blocked. Advance notification is not sent to the user..

Blocked account.

Depending on the severity of the violation made by the contact to whom the complaint was received, his profile is blocked for a day, several days or even weeks. Trying to enter the account, the user will find a notification about the lock and a timer counting down the time remaining until it is canceled.

A complaint does not always lead to account suspension or other measures against the violator.

Spam and cheating

One of the most common causes of support complaints is spam and falsified messages. We are talking about knowingly false information, as well as calls to commit certain actions. It is recommended to ignore messages of this kind and not send them to other users..

You should be vigilant if the message sent to you is distinguished by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • please follow the link;
  • call to send a message to other users;
  • offer to activate the “advanced” function by clicking on the link;
  • request for personal information (for example, bank card numbers);
  • the requirement to pay for using the Vatsap application;
  • typos and grammatical errors.

Having received a message matching the given criteria from an unknown contact, you can complain about it from the application.

If the information that violates the terms of use of the application came from a friend, you should inform him that spam has been sent from his number. Opening this message and clicking on the links contained in it is not recommended. The request for personal data should be ignored, even if it came from a person you know well.