Dark mode: a new look of WhatsApp for iPhone and Android

Previously, the developer of the most popular messenger reported the creation of a dark interface. Initially, the novelty was offered in a test version only to those users who registered for the experiment. Now the update is present on all devices.


New style

Initially, the leadership of Facebook (the company owning the messenger) introduced a test topic. The dark version was developed for social networks and communication programs.

“This is not only a fashion trend used to attract customers. The black interface reduces eye strain, especially in the evening, ”the marketing department said.

Representatives of the company approached the development as seriously as possible.

Shade selection

According to the stated data, the creation of the interface was carried out jointly with ophthalmologists.

“Using medical devices, we were able to study the effect of color on the human eye. Especially when transmitting by electronic device, ”the company’s official website says. – The main requirement for the arrangement is the minimum load on the eyeball “.

As a result, a couple of dark colors were developed. Mostly black, blue.

“Design elements emphasize important information without overloading the screen. The letters are now highlighted in soft white. Color does not injure the eyes. Allows you to work in different lighting conditions, including night time “.


If previously the interface was intended for a test group, now everyone can update the parameters. The main thing:

  • Update the utility to the latest program codes.
  • Have a device that supports certain versions of operating systems.

New does not work on Android 5, iOS 4 and earlier.

The first thing you need to update the messenger. For this:

  • Open the Play Market, App Store, official site.
  • Find a program.
  • To the right of the name tap “Update”.

If there is no such command, the program codes are set automatically.

After installation for Android 10 and iOS 13:

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open the Themes section.
  • Activate the dark option.

For earlier versions of operating systems:

  • Go to the app.
  • Tap “Chats”.
  • Then – “Themes”.
  • Activate the dark interface.

The command is valid for all sections. You cannot connect both interfaces.

The black theme influenced the display of stickers, stickers, gifs. Now, when developing them, you should consider the background, the connection with different colors. WhatsApp executives even set out the rules for creating stickers for WhatsApp. Step-by-step instructions help to develop stickers, gifs, arrange content, upload to the utility database.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger used by two billion users. The application is improved daily. To reach great heights, developers engage programmers on a remote, voluntary basis. Free software is available to everyone. The main thing is not to forget to update program codes.