How to compress video for WhatsApp

When trying to throw friends any records that are not adapted for transmission on the mobile Internet, users may have a question how to compress video on an iPhone for sending via Whatsapp. This can be done using software that allows you to change the size and format of the clips. Such services are available online, and are also presented as applications that can be installed on your gadget. Without them, long videos are not sent.

Sending Files to Vatsap.

Why in Vatsap video is not completely sent

The “Vatsap” settings do not allow sending a large volume movie with it. Therefore, if an application user tries to download a file that exceeds the norm, he will be faced with the fact that the messenger cuts the video and transfers only part of it to the addressee.

What is the maximum video size you can send on Whatsapp

You can share a video in Whatsapp if the maximum video size does not exceed a specified value. It depends on how the file is attached. If the video is removed directly from the application, then the “weight” of the record cannot exceed 16 MB. It lasts 3 minutes..

If the file has already been created and is located on the user’s device, then its maximum allowable size is determined by the software used. When working with Iphone on which IOS 13 and version 2.17.254 and higher are installed, it is equal to 128 MB. On Android – 100 MB.

How to reduce video for WhatsApp

If the “weight” of the video that the Whatsapp user wants to share exceeds the limit set by the developers, it can be reduced in 2 ways:

  • Cut 1 file into several parts, the size of which will not exceed the established limit.
  • Compress video using special converter software. This action will result in loss of image quality..

How to send a full video

If you need to save the original video parameters, then sending the entire file using the Votsap messenger will fail. You can bypass the ban on sending attachments exceeding 128 MB in volume by using cloud services or video storage.

To share a long clip with his contacts, the user must follow these steps:

  • place the whole video on any resource convenient for him, for example, Icloud or Youtube;
  • generate and copy the link to the downloaded file;
  • Go to Whatsapp and open a dialogue with the recipient;
  • paste the link in the text box and send a message.

With this method, the recipient will receive only a link by which you can go to the page containing the video to watch it or download. Download it directly from “Vatsap” will not work.

Video converter software

When working on a computer, you can use software that allows you to not only trim or compress the video, but also mount a new video from the best moments of the source.

For those who often process video on the iPhone, the Video Compressor app is suitable. The same application can also be downloaded on Google Play for installation on Android.

For users who do not encounter the need to edit videos and clips every day, enough online services to quickly reduce the file size or change its format.

Convert Video Online

Convert Video Online is an online service that allows you to process video in 3 steps. The first step is to download the source file. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Click on the “Open File” button and specify the path to the clip stored on the user’s phone.
  • Use video uploaded to Dropbox or a cloud service. To bind it, you need to use the URL, Dropbox or Google Drive links located to the right of the “Open File” button.

Online service for video conversion.

The size of the source video for conversion should not exceed 2 GB. In the second step, you need to select the format in which the processed file should be converted. The service supports more than 300 options. In addition, if necessary, you can set the following characteristics:

  • Resolution of the final video. With default settings, it will correspond to the original.
  • Used video and audio codecs. Implemented the ability to completely delete the existing audio track.
  • Estimated file size. This parameter can vary from 10 to 1000 MB. Automatically set to 700 MB.

The service is completely free and does not impose a limit on the number of processed clips.

Video Online Convert

Website is a resource on which various converters are collected. Each of them allows you to turn the original video file into any of the popular formats, for example, M4, FLV, etc..

Downloading the original clip is performed according to the scheme described in the previous section. In addition to the functions available in the Convert Video Online service, this site allows you to crop unnecessary pixels and change:

  • bit rate;
  • file frequency;
  • frame orientation.

The selected settings can be saved for future use. This feature is available only to authorized users..


This service supports the video formats most popular in WhatsApp. You can use it without registration. But in this case, the user will be limited in such parameters as:

  • size of the source file – up to 100 megabytes;
  • number of conversions per day – no more than 10.

Registration is free. This service, as described above, is available online and does not require installation on a computer.