What is a business account in Whatsapp

Many modern companies do business on the Internet, in connection with which the popularity of the WhatsApp Business application, which appeared in early 2019, is growing rapidly. The messenger is convenient to use and endowed with useful functions for entrepreneurs. With it, you can report on promotions, keep in touch with employees and partners. Whatsapp, as a social network, is actively distributed around the world.

Whatsapp business – a business application.

What is whatsapp business

The new application from Vatsap developers is intended for sending messages, communicating with customers, answering questions from the company’s official phone number. The program can be installed both on a smartphone by downloading it for free in the Play Store or the App Store, and on a computer running Windows or Mac OS.

Key features of the vatsap business account

WhatsApp takes 1st place in the world among social networks by the number of messages sent, ahead of Viber and Facebook.

Therefore, it is clear that WhatsApp Business, in comparison with similar applications, has more options, for example:

  • Adding information: addresses, phone numbers, email.
  • Ability to bind a city (stationary) number to an account.
  • Transfer contacts from a personal account to a business profile.
  • Automatic messaging.
  • Tracking account statistics. The application has a function to count viewed messages, both received and sent.
  • Preparation of templates for answers to common questions among customers.
  • Distribution of contacts of consumers, partners, suppliers, etc. by groups.


The main disadvantage of WhatsApp Business is the lack of a limit on sending messages, but if there are too many of them, then the profile may be blocked, as a result of which it will be necessary to re-register it.

Other disadvantages:

  • lack of regulations for obtaining the status of a verified account;
  • inability to attach a personal account to a business profile.

The program is imperfect because it has been working for less than a year. However, manufacturers regularly release updated versions of the application, which take into account the wishes of users, and promise that technical problems will be fixed by the end of 2019..

What you need to remember before activating a vatsap business account

Whatsapp Business App.

When creating an account in WhatsApp Business, you need to take into account the following features of the application:

  • In order to create your own business profile, you must have a number not previously registered with Vatsap.
  • Information should be entered carefully, as after saving data, they cannot be changed.
  • There are several types of business accounts, you must immediately choose a more suitable.

The main differences between the standard whatsapp from business

The developers added several options to the new program that are not in the classic version of the messenger.

There are 2 versions of the messenger for entrepreneurs:

  • WhatsApp Business, designed for small and medium-sized business owners;
  • WhatsApp Business API, designed for use by large companies.

Differences between the new application and the standard:

  • availability of data protection of the organization;
  • account verification;
  • statistics that allow you to track the number of messages at different time intervals;
  • Quick Answers feature
  • tagging.

Features of WhatsApp Business API:

  • confidentiality of information;
  • the possibility of using the messenger by several employees at the same time;
  • Paid messaging
  • official business profile;
  • availability of templates for customer responses.

Regardless of the selected version, the application allows you to create and promote a business on the Internet.

Whatsapp Business Icon.

How to create a whatsapp business account

Signing up for WhatsApp Business is easy.

You need to download the program from the Play Market or the App Store, launch it and follow the instructions.

Account Types

There are 3 levels of profile verification in the application:

  • Business account.
    After entering the data, a confirmation code will be sent to the phone number specified during registration, entering which you will go through the first stage of profile verification.
  • Verified Profile.
    The messenger controls whether the phone number and company name entered during registration coincide with the official ones. If this check is passed, a gray icon will appear next to the account name.
  • Confirmed.
    This level is assigned to corporate profiles of brand and network companies. There is no regulation for obtaining this status. If the account passes the third stage of verification, a green icon will appear next to the company name.

Filling out a business profile

Account filling algorithm:

  • After downloading the application and launching it, you need to specify the phone number.
  • Confirm it.
  • Go to enter general company information. All data must be presented reliably..
  • Enter the address of the company, as well as its location on the map of the village.
  • Add the type of activity of the organization by choosing the appropriate option from the proposed options..
  • Briefly describe the services provided, goods sold, etc..
  • Indicate email address, link to company website.
  • Outline work schedule.
  • Connect Google Payments to Whatsapp Phone Number.

The program offers options for the operating mode of the company:

  • by appointment only;
  • open at the indicated time;
  • always open.

Whatsapp Business Profile Completion.

Try to fill out the account in detail, as it will cause trust in the organization, the chances of getting the status of a verified profile will increase.

When all the necessary information is entered, you need to click the “Save” button. After that, it will be impossible to change the data.

Organization of contacts

WhatsApp Busines has a convenient feature – organizing contacts using shortcuts.

You can create bookmarks yourself, such as:

  • new customer
  • new order;
  • pending payment;
  • paid;
  • finished order.

Thus, it is easier to do business, make plans and set goals for the near and distant future..

Quick replies

Another convenient function of the messenger for business is “Quick Answers”. For example, if questions about the organization’s hours of operation are often received, then you can set the code word “hours” in the settings. In the next field write the text of the message: “Hello. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., and Sunday is a day off. ” When you receive a question about the operating mode, this message will be automatically sent to the client.

Quick replies can be added, modified and deleted. Allowed to create up to 50 text options for keywords.

Message Statistics

For any enterprise, monitoring customer actions is important. WhatsApp Busines has statistics that allow you to monitor their activity at different times..

Counting is underway:

  • sent messages for the accounting period;
  • absolute and percentage of open and read messages;
  • the number of messages received in response to the newsletter, and their content is not checked, any response is considered effective;
  • absolute and percentage of delivered messages.

Whatsapp Business statistics.

How to get account confirmation in whatsapp business

There is no regulation for obtaining an official business account. The application independently selects profiles that are assigned a status, giving preference to more active ones. Most often, the confirmation icon is received by popular companies with a large number of branches and regular customers. It is impossible to request account verification, therefore, you can prove that your account is official by confirming it through other social networks (VKontakte, Instagram, etc.).

It is not recommended to carry out mass mailings of messages often without having the status of a verified profile, as account can be blocked without the right to recovery.

How to effectively use whatsapp for business

To effectively use WhatsApp for doing business, you need to define the goals of creating a profile, they can be as follows:

  • quick answer to questions;
  • advertising;
  • communication with customers, etc..

When communicating with consumers, do not use “dry” messages, add to them:

  • Emoji
  • Photo;
  • information about goods, additional services, terms of purchase and delivery, etc…

General recommendations for maintaining a business profile at Votsap:

  • Respond promptly to messages. Feedback must be made within 12-24 hours.
  • Constantly check statistics. Observe which messages are read more often and which ones are answered. Correct prompt responses to suit changing circumstances.
  • Compose dialogs and contacts on topics and sections.
  • Promote your account. You can specify a phone number for communication in other social networks, on the official website, business card, banner, in advertising and the media. It is important to inform customers that they can now contact you through a convenient messenger.
  • Use profile. You must constantly go into the application, update information. It is necessary to notify consumers about the arrival of new products, as well as to determine whether they are interested in a particular product. If you stop dealing with the account, then its activity and statistics will decrease.

WhatsApp Business is a convenient tool for entrepreneurs. The program is designed for quick and comfortable communication with customers. With it, you can separate private messages from workers. The application is free and available for smartphones running Android and iOS, as well as for computers running on Windows and Mac OS. Such a business account at Vatsap is needed in order to quickly respond to messages, sort contacts and dialogs, and reduce the time for formulating answers.