How to delete history in WhatsApp

If you need to transfer the phone to a new owner or clear it of unnecessary information, the question arises of how to delete a backup of Vatsap. The messenger has a built-in function of duplicating messages or media files. This allows you to archive data by placing it in the smartphone’s memory or cloud storage..

Removing chats in the messenger.

Where to find WhatsApp backups

Before you start deleting an archive in WhatsApp, you need to find out where the copied files are. Some of the information is placed on the messenger server, but is stored there for a limited time. Depending on the settings selected by the user, objects are moved to the internal memory of the phone or cloud storage. To clean up Vatsap, you need to work with this piece of information..

You can find the data you need only using the application. Photos, music, videos located in the gallery must be searched through the file manager. Using the built-in capabilities of the messenger, they recover deleted messages. To do this, use the chat unpacking option located in the settings section, in the “History” item.

How to remove chat from Vatsap archive through the application itself

Methods for deleting messages on devices running on Android, iOS or Windows Phone are different.


They use several methods to help clear the internal memory of the Vatsap application installed on Android. Before starting work, determine the type of dialogue. Personal correspondence is deleted as follows:

  • visit the messenger archive;
  • find the conversation to be deleted;
  • open the menu, in the drop-down list find the item “Delete”.

To eliminate group correspondence, perform the following actions:

  • open the archive, find the desired object;
  • by clicking on the icon located in the upper right corner of the page, they open the menu;
  • exit the dialogue;
  • after re-entering the menu, press the “Delete” key.

Removing Chat in Vatsap.

To clear all conversations in Watsap, you need to back up by opening the “Settings” section. Here they select the item “Chats and calls”, find the button “Delete all”.


The method for removing unnecessary correspondence on iPhone is not much different from that on Android. You need to go to the Vatsap application archive. The dialogue to be deleted is found in the list, swipe left. After opening the menu, click on the ellipsis, find the item “Exit chat”. Re-select the same conversation, waiting for the message “Delete”.

How to delete messages from the archive in Vatsap through Explorer

When deciding to remove backup copies from the phone in this way, the user must know that all copied correspondence will be deleted. Start work by opening the conductor. In the root sections of the built-in memory of the mobile gadget, they find the WhatsApp folder. After opening, an object called Databases is discovered. You need to clean this folder or delete it completely. Eliminate Backups File.

Can I clear chat in cloud storage

If the messenger actively interacts with the Cloud storage, all data is redirected there continuously. To delete conversations you need to have access to this resource. The owner of an iOS phone needs to find the iCloud section in the settings. After that they go to the storage, select the device in the list. Having set the name of the application, the backup copies of the data from which you want to delete, click the corresponding button.

How to remove Vatsap backup from Google disk

If Vatsap is installed on an Android phone, backups are stored on Google disk. To delete visit the repository, find the appropriate folder. Here are lists of devices and applications mapped to a disk. A folder is allocated by pressing the right mouse button or touching the screen of a smartphone with a finger. After that use the “Delete” button.