WhatsApp group rules of conduct

Now there are a large number of different communities and groups on WhatsApp. Administrators do not always have time to monitor messages. Everyone should understand the standards and norms of communication in conversations. In order for online correspondence to bring only interest and benefit, you must adhere to the rules in the group at Vatsap.

There are rules in a group in Watsap.

The basic rules of modern correspondence

To show yourself as an intelligent person, you need to follow these rules of conduct and etiquette:

  • Do not use foul language. It is unlikely that someone will communicate with an uncultured person, especially if it is an intelligent community. Even if someone violates this rule, you do not need to take an example. Mat is bad.
  • Do not bargain in chat. An attempt to sell or buy something is an instant exception from the correspondence.
  • Do not lie. Lying is not good. People do not like deceivers, such are immediately expelled.
  • Do not write in capital letters in the chat. Messages written with the CapsLock key on the keyboard are unpleasant to read.
  • Ignition of interethnic conflicts is not allowed. For the slightest hint of this, you can get a block in the community.
  • Do not be rude. Any insults in any form will be accepted as a gross violation of the rules of the group.
  • You can not promote alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc. For this, they can even initiate criminal proceedings..
  • Do not talk about political actions in the world. Exception: if correspondence was created to discuss such a topic.
  • Do not talk about someone else’s race and orientation, you need to be tolerant of all participants in the correspondence.
  • Do not resist. If the administrator or moderator asked not to break the rules, then they must be followed, otherwise an exception to the correspondence within a minute is provided.
  • Do not disclose other people and do not divulge rumors about someone – this is all confidential information. Such an action will be considered nonsense, may file a lawsuit in an administrative court for copyright infringement.
  • Do not repeat the same message several times; moderators give out blocking for flood and spam.
  • Do not redistribute links to bad resources.
  • Up to 256 people can fit in Vatsap chat

Read the rules of your chat

In almost all chats, bots are installed that notify a new participant in a conversation when joining a community. These rules are required to be read, especially if it is a private Internet correspondence. The rules in the chat rooms are not much different and are similar to the standard ones. Moderators monitor the conversation and, having seen any violation of the rules, immediately apply punishment to the person – from the temporary freezing of the chat to the eternal block in the group.

Turn off notifications

In order not to be distracted by every chat message, the best solution would be to turn off incoming notifications. This is especially true for those correspondence in which more than 50 active users participate..

To set up alerts, you need to:

  • Launch WhatsApp App.
  • Click on the “Advanced” button, which looks like three dots placed in a horizontal row, then select “Settings” and “Notifications”.
  • Several choices will appear:
    • turning on and off alerts for special groups and chats;
    • notification sound selection;
    • enable alerts when using the application;
    • setting the content of the incoming message in the notification banner
  • To turn off notifications from a separate server, you need to open a chat, click on the “Advanced” button, then on “Group Information”. Go to the “Custom notifications” tab and select “Silent”.

If you can’t turn off notifications, you need to contact technical support. Perhaps the problem is that the phone is a brand of Windows Phone 8.1 and higher, everything is done there in a different way..

Disable Media Download

When a media file is loaded into WhatsApp, it is automatically saved in the phone’s gallery. Media visibility is enabled by default.

It applies only to new files that will be received after it is turned on or off, and does not affect old media files..

To save files from individual chats and groups in the phone’s gallery, you need to:

  • Open whatsapp.
  • Click on “Other options”, then on “Settings” and “Chats”.
  • Disable Media Visibility.

To adjust the same setting in a single chat or group, you must:

  • Open individual or group chat.
  • Click on “Other options”, and then on “View contact” or “Group data”.
  • Use the tab “Media Visibility” and select the option “No”, then confirm with the “OK” key.

If you cannot turn off the download of media files, you should contact technical support.