How to make sticker for whatsapp

The use of instant messengers has become commonplace in society. Calls were replaced by short online messages. But in writing it is difficult to convey the desired emotional message to the interlocutor. Therefore, various pictures, emojis and stickers for WhatsApp come to the rescue.

You can create stickers for Whatsapp.

What are stickers in “WhatsApp”

Stickers are small pictures on the phone with which WhatsApp users convey their emotions, moods or feelings.. Stickers are grouped. The subjects are different: you can find animals, and heroes of films, and cars, and even bloggers from popular social networks.

How to use them

To use the images, just open the correspondence with any contact in the Votsap application. Then click on emoji, where all available emoticons will appear, and select the sticker icon (it looks like a sheet of paper with a curved corner). A standard set of free stickers will open.

How to download stickers

If standard stickers are not enough, you can download additional ones. To do this, click on the plus sign in the same image window that opens and set your favorite by clicking on the down arrow.

Through the site

No need to refuse to download new stickers from sites offering a large selection of images.

On such portals, kits on various topics are available: football, nature, celebrities, cartoon characters.

Through the application

You can also use the following applications to download new sets:

  • Sticker for WhatsApp.
  • Emojidom.
  • WAStickerApps et al.

Emoji keyboard

The emoji keyboard is present on all devices and in applications where there is the possibility of messaging. To open it, you need to click on the field where the text is entered. A window will appear with various emoticons – funny, sad, angry and funny. To switch to other themes, emoji keyboards use the gray icons below. If they are not visible, then the keyboard is disabled.

Whatsapp Emoji Keyboard.

You can enable it by following the instructions:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu, select “General”, then “Keyboard”.
  • Click on “New Keyboards”.
  • Click Emoji.

How to create stickers yourself

People who like to think creatively and stand out from the crowd have the opportunity to make stickers themselves and add their own inscription to them.

Before starting to create author’s drawings, it is recommended to study the rules and restrictions:

  • Each painting has a transparent background..
  • Sticker size – 512 × 512 pixels.
  • Volume – no more than 100 KB.
  • File Format – README.
  • Contour drawing is welcome.

Download app

To achieve the desired, applications are downloaded to the device that help you first prepare the image for creating a sticker from it, and then download the result. You can download Sticker Studio from the Google Play Store. Another option is to edit the photo (image) in Photoshop, and then upload the processed image to the messenger.

Upload pictures

Interesting thumbnails can be made from photos or any other images. From the phone’s memory, the selected file is downloaded to the application, edited in accordance with the rules and restrictions described above. For example, using the “lasso” tool, crop the background around the object in the picture. Then they add the outline, save the changes and load the sticker into WhatsApp. You can make inscriptions on pictures – they will add emotionality and help save time (no need to type additional text in the process of communication, because the picture will convey everything that the user wanted to say).

Create set

Votsap is allowed to upload at least 3 images at a time. Therefore, it is better to prepare several edited pictures in advance and make a set of them. Creating your own stickers is a great opportunity to test your creativity.