WhatsApp barcode to install web version or confirm contact

In order for a user to access WhatsApp on a PC, he must scan the Vatsap QR code. This is the only option that can be used for authorization in the program. Scanning is necessary in order to synchronize the smartphone with a PC.

Scan QR code in WhatsApp.

Features of the web version of WhatsApp

Many users are interested in how the web version of Vatsap differs from the one that people use on smartphones..

You can list the following features:

  • Get access to the messenger on your PC. User can send and receive text messages, set emoticons.
  • Create chats both for collective use and for personal correspondence, manage them.
  • If necessary, make changes to your profile settings. Edits are saved in the mobile version due to synchronization.
  • Change user status if necessary.
  • Use a webcam, forward voice messages to recipients.

The browser version is easy to use. People who like to type messages using the computer keyboard can use the Vatsap phone.

The main disadvantage of the web version is that subscribers cannot make video calls, but in the future, developers promise to solve this problem.

How to scan qr code in WhatsApp

In order to use Vatsap on a PC, you must first activate it on your smartphone. After that, you should go to the official site of the messenger.

The next step should be to synchronize the gadget with a PC. For this, the developers of the program created a QR code. When the smartphone owner scans it, all the data contained in the mobile version will be transferred to the web version.

On Android

To scan a QR code on Android, you need to do the following:

  • On a PC, open a browser, go to the official website of the messenger. The latest browser must be installed on the computer or laptop.
  • Run the application on a smartphone.
  • While on the main page, tap on the button, calling up the menu.
  • Find WhatsApp Web, and then tap on it.

Scan barcode on Android.

As a result, a scanner will open on the smartphone. It needs to be brought to the computer monitor, and then scan the QR code. When the device captures the image, the web version of Vatsap will open. All chats, contacts, previously made calls and other information will be transferred from the application installed on the smartphone to the computer version.

For iPhone and Windows Background

If the device works on iOS, then to use “Vatsap” you need to do the following:

  • Go to the application. Click on the button that opens the menu with the list of settings..
  • Find WhatsApp Web, Tap. This will turn on the camcorder automatically. For the scanner to read the QR code on the iphone, the gadget is pointed at the image.

The fact that the process is completed, the user will be notified by a sound signal. After that, “Vatsap” can be used on a PC by entering text from the keyboard.

Users should pay attention to an important point. If the camcorder does not read objects (or it is not on the device), then you will not be able to use the messenger on the PC. And there are no extensions that could be used instead of a camcorder.

If Vatsap needs to be installed on Mac OS, the installation file is downloaded to the AppStore for this. Authorization in the application is carried out using a barcode.

There is another way. First, a file that has the * .dmg format is downloaded from the WhatsApp website, and then whatsapp.dmg is launched. When the application window opens, scan the code. Sharing videos and other files in the “apple” version is free.

Where is the QR-code of the contact in vatsap

Barcode in Vatsap.

There are video cameras on almost all models of modern phones; there are also algorithms that are used for decryption. At Votsap, the QR code replaced the usual SMS that the system used to send to phone numbers. Now it is used for quick authorization..

If work on the computer is carried out in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, code scanning is indispensable. With it, the owner of the gadget confirms that he is the owner of the phone.

In order to find a QR code, you need to do the following:

  • On the main page of the messenger go to the menu. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen. This is a button with 3 points located vertically, tap on it.
  • Choose WhatsApp Web. The web service page contains a QR code. A generator creates a graphic key, the system can instantly generate a barcode.
  • When the camera is activated, it is pointed at code. Authorization will take place automatically.

The fact that the process has completed is indicated by the warning that appears. It states that the user does not need to disconnect the phone if he wants to continue to use the service.

Reading in the messenger is fast. Attackers without a phone will not be able to log in to the system, gain access to correspondence.

You need to understand that Whatsapp Web is not a complete application. This is only a tool that allows you to synchronize your phone with a personal computer.

Scanning problems and how to solve them

Attempting to use a scanner can result in logon problems. You can solve them yourself.

Does not recognize code

If the scanner does not recognize the barcode, you need to check the network connection: it must be stable. We also recommend updating your browser to the latest version..

Camera does not work

If a blurry spot is visible on the screen instead of the QR code, you need to see if the camera is working. It must be enabled. If it works, but the code is not read, you need to contact technical support.