How to unlock WhatsApp if you are blocked

The most effective advice on how to bypass the lock in Vatsap is to change the number and account. However, in some cases, other paths may be used. It depends on the type of ban received..

There are several ways to bypass the lock in Watsap..

WhatsApp Block Types

Blocking in WhatsApp can be 3 types:

  • temporary (account);
  • permanent ban;
  • blacklisting from a specific user.

The first 2 types of blocking are made by the system due to violation of the rules of the messenger.

An account may fall under it in the following cases:

  • its owner uses unlicensed software;
  • it often sends messages to people not on the contact list. Often this happens if the vatsap is hacked;
  • bots are used to automate mailings;
  • other users often complain about messages.

How to bypass temporary lock

The most common reason for temporary blocking is the use of a third-party application, such as WhatsApp + or WhatsApp GB. In order to get around it, just remove this program from the phone and install the official release.

Temporary lock lasts 48 hours. Therefore, even if the application change did not help, access to the messenger services will quickly recover.

How to get around the constant

If your account has been banned forever for spamming, the only way to unblock it is to contact support. If the user manages to convince its employees that this happened by mistake, the ability to communicate with this profile will be restored.

If this does not happen, you need to create a new account according to the following instructions:

  • deactivate the account in the application;
  • delete it from your smartphone;
  • reboot the device;
  • Install WhatsApp again
  • create new profile.

WhatsApp Blacklist

Any user can add to the blacklist a person with whom he no longer intends to communicate.

Having received a personal lock, the subscriber will not be able to:

  • to call;
  • write messages;
  • Track status changes
  • see contact picture.

It is impossible to prohibit any one action.

How to bypass blocking in WhatsApp from a specific user

In order to write to the user who has added you to the black list, create a new profile, buy another SIM-card or contact him using the vulnerability of the old version of WhatsApp.

This subscriber will be able to write again by deleting the old Votsap account and creating a new one using the instructions in the previous section.

To send a message in the second way, you need:

  • Open the “Account” section in the application.
  • Select in the drop-down menu the item “Change number”.
  • In the window that appears, indicate the number of your new SIM card.
  • Complete the standard verification procedure in the application.

After that, it will be possible to write or call a subscriber who even blacklisted the previous phone. However, frequent changes to your account’s contact information may result in it being blocked by the system..

Changing the number eliminates blocking.

Those who have an old version of “Vatsap” installed can try to solve the problem in a simpler way. It consists in the features of the program, which allows the user to add the subscriber who blocked him to the general chat. For this, in addition to him, in the addressee list you need to include 1 more any contact.

However, in versions released in 2018 and later, this possibility is excluded. When trying to contact through them, a person will not see not only the text of the messages, but also the fact of an invitation to a conversation from a subscriber blocked by him in Vatsap. The ability to use this space in the application’s security settings depends on which version the sender is using rather than the addressee..

The only way to bypass the lock in the new version of the application without buying another SIM card is to write a message in a group chat, in which both subscribers were on before adding one of them to the black list.