How to remove Whatsap from phone

WhatsApp is popular all over the world, but for various reasons, users sometimes decide to remove it. Then they become interested in how to remove whatsapp. But you need to understand what this action will entail..

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What you need to know before deleting a WhatsApp account

A complete removal of the program will not pass without a trace, the owner of the phone will face the following:

  • The phone disconnects from the application. All correspondence will be lost from the device, including deleting groups
  • WhatsApp servers lose all client data.
  • Information about the person will be deleted from the contacts of his friends. The account will not be reflected in groups or on any device. Other users will not find any mention of their friend, as if he had never been on WhatsApp.

But the developers of the program know that many, after deleting an account, begin to regret their action. Therefore, they give 30 days to restore the profile..

If a person does this, all messages in groups and in personal correspondence that other users sent him during this time will be available to him..

Some people think that deleting an account will automatically destroy their messages from another user with whom they previously had personal correspondence. But this is not so. All sent files and conversations are saved both in chat and in general groups..

Information from chats can completely disappear only with the mutual deletion of accounts.

Uninstall application.

How to permanently delete the Vatsap account

The user may be in a situation where he will have to remove the account. The need for this arises in the event that a SIM card is lost or the phone number is changed, including the need to delete the page when moving to another place of residence.

Deleting an account causes the data to be erased completely. Even backups cannot be restored. On different platforms, removal instructions may vary..


If the device runs on the Android platform, and the owner of the smartphone decided to remove the server, you need to go to the messenger. To confirm the intention, the program will require you to enter a phone number. This must be done by specifying it in the international format..

When confirmation is received, all data and account will be deleted. It will be impossible to restore correspondence. If in the future the user wants to use WhatsApp again, he will have to register again.


Otherwise, if there is an iPhone. The owner of the gadget goes into the application settings. Here he selects an account and then deletes it.

The system will ask him to enter a phone number, the account holder indicates it in an international format. After that, he confirms the action.

How to remove WhatsApp application from your phone completely

There is another option, it is to remove the application from the smartphone. This can only be done through the file manager of the device. The removal instructions will depend on which gadget is used..

With Android

If the smartphone runs on Android, the user enters the gadget menu. Here he selects “Settings”, and then finds “Applications”. Tap on this button. A menu will open, select WhatsApp in it. After clicking on it, select the “Delete”.

With iphone

The instructions for the iPhone are different. The user clicks on the screen the watsap icon. Keep your finger on it until all the icons begin to tremble..

This action will cause the cross icon to be visible on the messenger icon. To completely remove the program, the user must click on it.

From computer

If the watsup is installed on the PC, it means that the Android emulator was used. To remove the software, you must go into the program. It is impossible to do this without entering the emulator.

User often use the web version. In this case, open the browser, and then exit the program account.