How to leave a group on whatsapp

Everyday activities make people often include each other in various WhatsApp conversations. Over time, constantly popping up junk messages begin to annoy. As a result of this, the question arises of how to leave the group in Vatsap and how this action will be displayed among the members of the correspondence.

Due to constantly popping up messages on WhatsApp
many users are looking for a way out of the group.

How to leave a group in Watsap on the phone

Red sign out of the group on iOS.

The algorithm for getting out of an unnecessary conversation has common features on all smartphones. To leave a group in WhatsApp, just click on the menu of the desired dialogue, scroll down the page and click the “Leave the group” button.

After that, you will stop receiving messages accompanied by loud notifications. The participants in this correspondence lose the opportunity to contact the person who left the chat.

In the future, only the administrator has the right to add the person who has left the dialogue to the correspondence again. If you were a chat administrator, then after your departure this position will be taken by another member, who will be automatically selected.

Different smartphones have their own way of removing from unnecessary correspondence in the messenger.

On iphone

Users of IPhone and other iOS-enabled products can leave the conversation in Votsap by following these steps:

  • launch the Whatsapp app;
  • go to the dialog from which you want to leave;
  • Click on the conversation title at the top
  • Once in the correspondence management menu, go down to the end;
  • click on the red sign “Leave the group”;
  • if you are sure of your decision to leave, click on this line again.

On Android

The Android system offers two ways to get out of an unnecessary conversation:

  • When choosing the first option in the “Chats” section located at the bottom of the screen, find a dialogue that is no longer of interest. Click on it, and then hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds until the menu opens. In the window that appears, select the option “Leave group”.
  • The second method is not much different from the first. Click on the chat you want to leave. Then touch the screen where the name of the conversation is located. In the settings that appear, a red button is located at the end of the page. Click on it if you want to leave the conversation..

Leaving a group in Whatsapp on Android.

How to quietly leave the group

Watsap does not provide for the option of secretly leaving the chat neither for users of Apple products, nor for those who have gadgets with Android OS. As soon as you are excluded from correspondence, other participants will receive a message about your departure.

To avoid notifying the rest of the community about your decision to leave the chat, you can enable the Do Not Disturb feature. This option sets the time (8 hours, 1 week, 1 year) during which you will not be disturbed by the sound alerts accompanying communication in the group. Numerous messages will stop clogging the main screen of the smartphone and stop distracting from business. You will simply be listed in this correspondence.

In some cases, you can turn off the Internet and exit the vatsap. Thus, no one will once again bother and disturb.

To no longer receive messages, just turn off the “Show notifications” item on Android or enable the “No notifications” function on an iPhone. When the option works, a crossed out speaker appears next to the conversation name.

Does the group leave the message

After you leave the conversation, you will automatically stop receiving new messages from the chat. Old correspondence will remain available with all previously attached files, such as photos, voice messages, videos, etc..

What will be written in the chat when leaving the group

When you leave the conversation, the chat participants will immediately be notified of this by receiving a message. An inscription appears in the conversation that “Someone (the name of your contact or phone in the messenger) has left the group.”