Is WhatsApp social network

WhatsApp at the current stage of development occupies a leading position in the use and operation. Initially, the creators of Vatsap positioned this application primarily as a messenger, but with the advent of new features, developers began to argue about the correct definition of the presented program. There is still disagreement on whether Vatsap is a social network or not..

Starting as a regular messenger, WhatsApp was able to develop to the level of a social network.

What is WhatsApp

This is a platform thanks to which you can communicate not only with relatives, friends, colleagues, business partners, but also with strangers from other countries. There is a function to search for an interlocutor in groups into which a participant enters at will. This allows you to find like-minded people. Thus, WhatsApp is an online industry that creates space for all users..

The platform can compete with many mobile versions of social networks, for example, VK, Viber, Facebook, etc., due to its ease of use and accessibility (it works on most modern operating systems). It works on Android, iOS and other OS, which attracts an audience.

What can I use WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s main goal is to communicate between people.

When installing WhatsApp, you need to understand how to use it. Though The main purpose of this application is to communicate between people, clients are provided with other options for its use: file transfer; creating specialized conversations for two participants and groups of several people; making free calls and video broadcasts; access to your own account (updating status, stories, username or profile photo).

WhatsApp Key Benefits:

  • association of people, convenient communication for users: the function of managing several dialog boxes at the same time, while important ones are fixed in a separate place (section “Selected Messages”);
  • the ability to read notifications, but respond later, while leaving the dialogue unread (the interlocutor will not know anything);
  • search for the required chat in seconds by entering the name of the dialogue;
  • speed and ease of dissemination of information: with one click the message is sent to several recipients (“New Newsletter”);
  • notification of reading the letter prevents ignoring the interlocutors;
  • formatting (applying different styles of text to highlight).

WhatsApp functions as social networks

WhatsApp as a social network performs 3 main functions: transferring content, uniting people in group chats, as well as expressing your own thoughts and ideas in your profile design. In this case, you can independently choose the circle of people who will have access to the study of your activities in your account.

After connecting this application, the system automatically synchronizes with the device and communicates with contacts that are already registered in it. This saves time because no need to enter phone numbers from your contact list and create chats on WhatsApp yourself.

Still Vatsap – social network or not?

To the question whether WhatsApp is a social network, it is impossible to answer precisely, because for a group of users, this is only an Internet messenger. It all depends on the social circle: for active people with an extensive phone book, constantly updating their account, the application is a social network, and for those who rarely use this platform, it is just a messenger. In the latter case, the minimum contact base is used for urgent calls or messages, i.e. part of infinite network space.

Therefore, WhatsApp can be both at the same time.