Where is the WhatsApp correspondence

Most users do not know where WhatsApp correspondence is stored on a smartphone or computer, although a message archive is useful in a number of cases. For example, when you want to transfer it to a new phone or find some information after communication. Most applications save user data, including correspondence.

Where is Vatsap correspondence stored in the smartphone

Archives with saved messages are in the gadget’s memory and cloud storage. You can copy them, transfer information to other devices and search through data. Saved chat history does not include user deleted messages. Most often, an application creates 2 copies at once.

Locations may vary for:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • computer;
  • Google Drive
  • Whatsapp web.

The messenger must be configured to save all data to the archive. To do this, just open the application, go to the menu by clicking on the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the screen, and select “Settings” – “Chats” – “Backup”. Here you can specify whether to save video files in the messenger. To do this, check the box next to “Add video”.

In Android

On Android devices, correspondence is stored in the root folder of Vatsap – Databases.

Android smartphones and tablets back up data in the Databases folder located at Explorer – Memory – WhatsApp. The entire path can be located in the device’s own memory or on the SD card. You can also find the archive on Google Drive..

In iPhone

On iPhone you need to connect the ability to save files in iCloud.

Apple devices have dedicated iCloud virtual storage. In it you can find all created and saved files with personal data in Vatsap. In the iOS operating system, there is no way to save the archive to internal memory. Access iCloud for Android Users via Google Email.

On the computer

Installed on a personal computer, WhatsApp saves its internal files to the root folder. It is located on the hard drive to which the application was downloaded..

It should be borne in mind that messages sent from a PC are not saved – they can be found only on a mobile device or cloud services.

On Google Drive

Configured backup function prevents data loss.

For owners of smartphones on Android, Google storage also works, where the last backup copy of the program remains.

In order to save messages in the remote service, you need to activate your Google account, installed Google Play services and free up the necessary amount of memory on the device. Note that backup is not protected by end-to-end encryption.

From whatsapp web

If you use the online version of the application, then all correspondence is immediately archived into your cloud storage. After that, you can find messages on the virtual disk or in the smartphone’s memory. There is nothing left on the servers of the WhatsApp Web program.

How many undelivered messages are stored in WhatsApp on the server

The messengers set the time during which the correspondence will be saved, even if it is not delivered to the user.

For the WhatsApp application, this is 30 days or until the recipient receives a message, that is, appears online. If the recipient does not appear on the network before the expiration of the specified period, the letter will be permanently deleted from all archives.

Application developers claim that in order to increase security they do not save correspondence on their own servers. In case of hacking, violators will not be able to access other people’s private messages, photos and videos. For the same reason, deleted correspondence cannot be restored.