How to share videos from Instagram to WhatsApp

Users of social networks are often interested in the question: how to send video from instagram to whatsapp. With the advent of the new version of Instagram, this action was simplified..

How to share Instagram videos to WhatsApp

Sometimes the reason to send Instagram videos to Whatsapp is because the recipient of the videos is not registered on this social network. You can send content to different phone operating systems in several ways, but remember that the size of the transferred file should not exceed 16 megabytes.

Instagram video on whatsapp.

Through the instagram app itself

This method is suitable for sending video to android. To do this, go to Instagram on your gadget and update it to the latest version. Find the desired content, click on three points on the screen above it.

Among the menu items, select “Share on WhatsApp”, then select the subscriber to whom the content is sent in the contact list and check the box next to his avatar. Then click on the message sending icon. Video sent to.

For any platform

You can send video files to any phone platform using the link. You must perform the following steps:

  • In the window with the desired video, click on three points in the upper right corner.
  • In the window that opens, select the option “Copy link”.
  • Go to Whatsapp and paste the link in the message box to the desired recipient.

Also, with the help of special programs, you can transfer video files to Android, IPhone and the ios operating system installed on the iPad.

Upload video.

Programs for phone on android:

  • FastSave for Instagram. The application makes it possible to save photos and video files for free and offline. You can get detailed information about the sender by clicking on the sent video.
  • Photo & Video Saver. It does not require authorization, makes it possible to upload photos and videos via links, make reposts.
  • Regrann – Repost for Instagram. The application does not require authorization, when using it is not necessary to exit Instagram, just copy the URL.

Programs for IPhone:

  • InstaSave. A free application that downloads content from Instagram by copying a post link and automatically pasting it from the clipboard.
  • InstaDown. The application, like the previous one, downloads the video through copying the link, only the link from the clipboard must be manually inserted.
  • InstaGet – Download. Utility without extra functionality. In just a couple of clicks, you can copy the desired video file.

Programs for ios:

  • Workflow. A utility with automation of actions, in which there are templates for editing.
  • IFTTT. The program is designed for a large number of actions on Instagram. Using the special script “Save your Instagram videos to Dropbox”, the utility is able to automatically save downloadable form in Dropbox cloud storage.

You can download the video you like on Instagram without installing programs using the following services:

  • Dredown. It makes it possible to download the video in a couple of clicks. To do this, copy the link and paste it into a line on the site. After clicking on the DreDown icon, content is downloaded automatically.
  • PostGraber This service allows you to download multiple videos at once. To download, you also need to copy the link to the video and paste in the desired line on the service.

Download video using the service.

So that you can play the video in whatsapp

In the latest versions of vatsap, a function for viewing videos from Instagram has appeared. Now video files can be watched immediately in the application, without clicking on the link. When playing content, the image can be moved around the screen to any place. Video can also be broadcast in the background (picture in picture), even if the user switches to another chat. You can also forward video from classmates around.