WhatsApp massively shuts down

Even the most popular instant messengers can fail. WhatsApp is no exception. As it became known, the utility massively stops working. The creators explained the reason.


Stop Updating

Despite the expansion of functionality, the creation of a team of reminders, notifications, and the improvement of group privacy, WhatsApp stopped working. The bad news has affected owners of phones running Windows Phone, Android 2.3.7 and older, and iOS 8 and older..

“For the first, the submission of updated utility codes stopped on December 31, 2019, for the last – on February 1, 2020. Maintaining the OS has become disadvantageous in development. The total number of users has decreased by three times, ”said the technical department.

For users with outdated OS, the program, after a period of time, disappeared from smartphones, tablets. At the same time, the client is preserved. It is enough to log in from another device to gain access to existing correspondence, files.

However, this is not the last bad news. Until the summer of 2020, WhatsApp will only support a couple of OSs. Namely, Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher, as well as iOS 9 and newer versions.

“Since updates can stop coming out any day, the utility will also suddenly disappear from users’ devices. ”.

Complaint Statistics

On the official website of the developers published a report of calls to support staff. 33% of users said that they can’t access their profile, one percent – enter their personal account, 64% – send, receive a message.

For an hour complaints were received from 618 thousand people.

Geographically, everything looked like this:

In the first place is the United Arab Emirates. Then – Europe, especially Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain. Moscow takes third place in complaints.

How to trick a program

To get around the ban, you can:

  •     Buy a new device. Less problems with iPhones. In addition, such devices support the extended functionality of WhatsApp for business..
  •     Reflash the old device. The disadvantage is the cost. Better to report money and buy a smartphone.
  •     Download simulator. “Deceptions” allow you to improve the OS version or switch to another. For example, on the basis of Android use applications created for Apple.

If WhatsApp unexpectedly stops working, check your device’s operating system version. A utility update also helps. This is done for free in Play Market, App Store, Windows Macrete, the official website.

If the error is related to the termination of cooperation, select the best solution to the problem.