How to clear WhatsApp memory: android and iPhone

Messengers are used to quickly send messages, audio, photos and videos. Storing a large amount of data leads to problems in the operation of the mobile gadget, so you need to know how to clean the “WhatsApp”. To free storage use different methods, the choice of which depends on the model of the smartphone and version of the application. Before cleaning, you can forward messages from vatsap to vibera to save information.

Different ways to clean up Whatsapp.

How to clean a specific chat in Vatsap

You can delete the conversation completely or clear it of messages. The function is used if necessary to stop communication or delete individual data..

Cleaning is performed as follows:

  • Launch the “Vatsap” application. Open the “Chats” section.
  • Find the right conversation. They go into the chat, delete messages one by one. To do this, select the desired area of ​​the screen by holding them with your finger for 2 seconds. Then click on the trash can icon at the top of the screen..
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Delete” item. After confirming the action, unnecessary information will disappear. To completely erase data, use the “Clear chat” option: in the settings section, find the “Conversations” menu, select the desired item.

How to clean whatsapp on your phone

We take the clean.

With frequent receipt of messages and media files, the memory quickly becomes clogged, the smartphone’s performance decreases. To get rid of unnecessary files, you need to clear the cache (cache).

On Android

To clear the program cache on the Android smartphone, they find the settings section, select the “Applications” item. In the list that opens, they find “Votsap”, open it. Click on the inscription “Clear cache”. After the process is completed, the device is rebooted. If the information is stored on an external drive, you will have to search for the necessary folders through the “File Manager”. Here you can safely erase any data.

On iphone

Clearing memory on iOS phones is done in a different way.

To delete messages and files from Vatsap, perform the following actions:

  • Find the settings icon on the Iphone screen, go to the “General” section, the item “Storage”.
  • In the list that opens, find the desired application. In this case, whatsapp.
  • Open the context menu. Select the item “Uninstall application”. Do not worry about the safety of files: copies are in the cloud storage. After the procedure is completed, the application is re-installed from the program directory.

Delete received images

All files received in the messenger are in a separate folder in the gallery. This makes it easier to view them some time after saving. Files can be deleted individually or all at once. To do this, open the explorer, find the desired folder. Long touch select files. Next, they find the trash can icon at the top of the page, confirm the deletion. You can completely eliminate a folder by selecting it and clicking the trash can icon. You can find files in the root folder of Vatsap. To do this, select an object called Whatsapp Media. Removal is performed in a standard way.

How to clear iCloud cloud storage

Phones running on iOS are synchronized with the cloud storage. Cleansing can be difficult for some users. The cloud stores backups of messages, emoticons, photos and videos. Over time, the virtual memory becomes full, technical problems occur. Periodic storage cleanup helps avoid problems.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • visit the cloud storage;
  • Find the application in the list
  • click the “Delete All” button.

ICloud data is saved automatically. This means that the user must constantly monitor the store and carry out preventive measures. It is possible to change the settings.