WhatsApp Celebrates 11 Years: Tipping Points

Despite the cessation of support for some operating systems, WhatsApp is preparing to celebrate its eleventh birthday. Over the years, the messenger has evolved from a small utility into a full-fledged business platform.

How it all began

The official presentation and launch of the platform took place on May 3, 2009. The author of the idea, Brian Acton, decided to create the first “easy” offer for instant messaging.

“When we started, the most popular instant messengers were Skype and ICQ. Utilities were originally created for the computer. Button phones could not cope with the interface, there were frequent failures. This caused a desire to create a unique program that could work on any platform. At the same time, it would be accessible to users ”.

Development lasted a couple of months. Brian Acton worked on the project together with an American of Ukrainian descent Jan Kum. They even set up a company by registering a business address in California, USA..

From that moment, much has changed. Last year, Votsap celebrated a decade. In honor of this, the marketing staff created a video greeting-story.

Program Codes

Today, even the creators cannot remember for which operating system the utility was originally developed..

“The first were several options at once. Initially, the interfaces for Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS, Series 40, Symbian (S60) and Windows Phone began to work. In May 2016, the application began supporting MS Windows 8 and higher, and then MacOS 10.9 and higher ”.

Company sale

For a couple of years, WhatsApp has been a clear leader. However, with the advent of competitors, the utility began to lose its audience. Whatsapp Inc. for lack of proper funding, I couldn’t go around with more advanced developments.

As a result, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced his desire to purchase a messenger. The deal was issued on February 18, 2014. For the brainchild, Brian Acton received $ 19 billion.


Selling WhatsApp has become the most profitable offer in the history of startups. For example, the more popular Instagram Facebook corporation bought (the second most expensive transaction) for a billion dollars..

Significant moments

Despite the struggle with competitors, a change of ownership, etc. for eleven years, the messenger excelled. Signed moments became:

  •     Creation of WhatsApp Incorporated. Application development for Apple products. The ability to share photos, videos for free (2009).
  •     Built-in translator of letters. Definition of geolocation (2010).
  •     Create group chats. Daily sending of one billion letters by registered users (2011).
  •     The era of voice messaging (2013).
  •     Change of ownership. 500 million users officially signed up (2014).
  •     Web-version development for PC (2015).
  •     Making video calls. Strengthen encryption, double protection of information. Monthly increase in users in the equivalent of a million (2016).
  •     Creation of statuses for determining the activity of users. The number of registered customers has exceeded one billion (2017).
  •     Group calls. One and a half billion users. Free Stickers (2018).
  • Tenth Anniversary. Block WhatsApp chats with your fingerprint. Go to the side of darkness (black interface). WhatsApp for Small Businesses (2019).

“We started with a startup that only two people believed in,” said Brian Acton. – Today it is not my brainchild, but I rejoice at every victory of the new team. Over the years, Votsap experienced a lot, there were times when I wanted to close the program. Only loyal users supported us. ”.

Today, WhatsApp is available on all devices, regardless of the operating system. The application is developing daily, improving. To fully enjoy the functionality of the utility, just update the messenger.

Download from App Store, Play Store, Windows Market, the official site is free. Reauthorization of registered users is not required.